“oh dear lord, Val this is the kind of surprise i always expect from you. Though i really won’t be having your time this afternoon” she murmured sadly. I looked up at her, staring into her eyes. She looked very worried.

“i have lots of things to do today, i have this paper work lying on my table to complete, after that i’ll be going over to my other office to supervise the work going on there. My dear it really isn’t easy” she breathed deeply. I smiled and pecked her.

“without hard work you wouldn’t have gotten to this level” i said sweetly,

“i hate making you uncomfortable” she replied softly.

“no, no, no dear, on the contrary, i admire your zeal, courage and dedication to work. It isn’t easy for a pretty lady like you to be managing such huge investments” i smiled. She rolled her eyes and blushed.

“hope you won’t mind telling me where you slept last night?, or have you reconciled with your Ada girl. I know you weren’t just coming into town this morning” she asked seriously.

“hmmm dear, i’ll tell you later” i laughed. She shrugged, returned to her chair, opened her hand bag and fetched out a cheque book. She wrote something on it, tore out the slip, and offered it to me.

“i know i havn’t done anything for you since we got to know each other, but all that will soon be over. Since i won’t be available this afternoon, make use of this cheque and do anything you want with it” she smiled.

“but you know” i tried to refuse. She instantly eyed me, silencing me with her eyes.

“just take it Val” she insisted. I breathed deeply and took it. The cheque was worth fifty thousand Naira. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Walking out of her bubbling shop minutes later, i ran into two young, sharp, sexy girls between the ages of twenty one to twenty three. They really were looking very hot in designer jeans, pink shoes, pink tops and scarfs, matched with red hand-bags. They looked exactly like twins. I whistled out in admiration. They looked at each other, laughed and walked into the shop, while I speechlessly stood and scratched my head, imagining things that weren’t meant to be.

Walking towards my car a minute later, another idea rushed into my head. I stopped, turned and faced Tessy’s shop once again, covering my eyes with my ever present sun-glass.

Bravely i stood and waited for the girls to come out, rehearsing some words, and praying for nothing bad or Tessy to catch me by surprise. I truly havn’t been successful with /younger/ girls in Abuja and hopefully i stood anxiously, very eager to break the record.
They came out minutes later with three shopping bags, giggling happily. My heart pounded furiously as they drew close. All the sweet words i earlier rehearsed, quickly escaped from my mind, leaving me speechless and dumb.

However, I courageously blocked them with a faint smile which revealed my innocence, while my hands shook nervously, slightly embarrassing me.
The girls exchanged glances, stopped and stared at me curiously.

“what do you want?” the bolder of the two asked,

“of course, they are twins” i noted with a deep smile.

To be continued shortly.

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