“ah Val, you always leave me breathless. I love how you do your thing. Jeez!” Tessy whispered happily after the long sex. I smiled and breathed deeply, my mind on the girl i earlier collected her number. Tessy’s business really made me forget calling her.

“my love arn’t you listening to me?, what are you thinking?” Tessy asked, her right hand on my chest.

“nothing dear, i’m just very tired” I murmured and kissed her forehead.

“i’ll do anything to keep you. I really can’t tell why you are so special to me. I wish we could take this to another level” she prayed. I closed my eyes, saying nothing. Seriously sometimes i do wonder if all the feelings she claimed to have for me, were truly real and not for her personal interest.

“you are yet to give me the go ahead order for the redeployment issue, i proposed to you” she added seriously.

“how about the Guy i heard Elinor is arranging for you?” i asked, changing the topic. She kept quiet for a while, pinched my shoulder and laughed.

“who told you about that?” she asked,

“Elinor told me” i replied,

“was that why you came back?” she asked curiously.

“of course not, anyway i really will be glad to make way. If you are interested in him.” i answered carelessly.

“you are very cruel. Do you think i’m capable of messing around with any guy i see huh?, if that was the case, you wouldn’t have been here with me” she poured out angrily. I breathed deeply with a faint smile.

“it’s so good to hear” i murmured, kissing her hair.

7am, hours later

I smiled at Tessy, dressed up and ready to leave. She sat on her bed, eyeing me sadly.

“i was thinking last night if we could invite Elinor for dinner tomorrow evening. You know we havn’t yet thanked her for bringing us together.” i said to Tessy, who nodded instantly.

I smiled to myself because i knew she would do anything to please me. But It really wasn’t out of goodwill that made me come out with such offer. On the contrary it was the only way i could account for Elinor’s whereabouts that coming saturday. An easy way to draw her out in the open, thus making the hit job easy for Obinna’s boys, even though i really didn’t know the plans they already had made.

Tessy wasn’t really living in a busy neighbourhood, and according to my calculations, i figured out it would be easy for Obinna’s boys to ambush and attack her within the vicinity as she heads for her apartment after the dinner.

“but wouldn’t it be better we eat out?” i soon heard Tessy ask, interrupting my thoughts.

“no dear, i think your friend will very much appreciate the pains you took in cooking for her, don’t you think so?” i asked sweetly. She shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“don’t worry, i’ll help out” i offered, drew close and kissed her. “i pray Obinna buys this plan. I pray it works” i breathed.

I returned to Obinna’s apartment by 7:45am, to meet one of the greatest shocks of my life. There sat Adaora with legs crossed on a sofa, head bent over her phone. I was extremely surprised and confused, because She was the last person i expected to see.

Furiously my heart pounded as she raised up her sweet face. My black heart almost jumped out of my body.

“what is she doing here so early” i wondered, while my eyes searched for Obinna.

To be continued.

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