“yes Adaora, what is it again?” i asked coldly,

“mum is very upset with you. She just swore never to call or ask of you again. You better call her to straighten things out, she’s really very upset. I just did you another favour, d.ick head” she informed me coldly. I breathed deeply and dialled mum’s number expecting the worst.

“what are you doing in Abuja, is that where you are supposed to be?, you are definetly under a spell. You don’t behave like my son anymore” she scolded hotly, while i patiently listened. There wasn’t any doubt she was extremely upset just like Adaora told me.

“mum i’ll explain everything when i get home. Please trust me.” i pleaded desperately.

“just go over to Adaora’s house, then start heading home first thing tomorrow. That’s only when i’ll believe you are still with your senses. You are my only son for Christ sake.” she ordered.

“i’ll do as you say mum, don’t worry” i promised without the slightest clue on how to fulfill it.

Fullfilling the first promise, however was a bit easy for me. All i did was simply to pack up my things and head over to Adaora’s house by 4:30pm that same day. Luckily She quietly opened her door and allowed me into the house, without saying anything to me. {The girl she was with when she caught Tessy and i, weeks back was in her house that evening}. I really felt uncomfortable being there, but had no choice than to hide my feelings.

Thirty five minutes later, the girl {Adaora’s friend} showed up quietly in my room, surprising me a great deal.
“hi, i’m sorry for disturbing” she murmured polietly, standing a safe distance, while her eyes searched me keenly.

“no of course, you can sit here.” i smiled, offering her the lone chair in the room. She sat quietly and stared at me strangely.

“i know i’m a stranger to you, i also know i have no right to ask nor tell you the things i have to say, but i have to because Adaora is my good friend” she said seriously. I listened quietly.

“why are you so keen in destroying her heart and happiness?. The poor girl keeps giving you chances to redeem yourself, but you always fling them away. It’s not right, you are hurting everyone that cares for you. I have just said my mind, you can crucify me if you want” she seriously said, standing up.

“you still have the chance to patch up things with her. But i can’t speak for tomorrow. I’m doing this for my friend because i don’t think she will be truly happy without you, but don’t let it get into your head because things change.” she concluded and left, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

An hour later, i went over to Adaora’s room in order to apologize once again. She was alone and busy with her laptop when i came in. She quickly kept it aside as soon as she noticed my presence, staring at me with a coloured face.
Without a single word, i knelt by her side and rested my head on her laps, holding her waist tightly, like a little child.

“Val what you are doing isn’t necessary, because i know you will still go back to Tessy. I know your business with her isn’t over, or am i wrong?” she asked seriously, making me raise up my deeply coloured face to stare at her, my conscience playing dirty tricks on me.

“how much does she know?” i wondered deeply.

“you shouldn’t be here on your knees, while your heart is elsewhere. You are really possessed but you don’t know. That woman has turned you into a toilet paper. Everything comes with a prize. I only pity mum” she said seriously, shocking me with her words. I never knew when i stood up, more confused than ever. My phone vibrated in my pocket that moment, startling me immensely. Adaora equally was so sharp to notice it.

“oh dear Lord” she breathed, shaking her head.
“i know it’s Tessy?, isn’t it so?” she asked with a dirty smile.

“i guess you will only regain your senses after she has flushed out of her system like sh.it. This time, i’m telling mum everything, i won’t hold back a thing, because this definetly isn’t you” she muttered.

“Hmmm, am i really under demonic spell?”

To be continued.

Shout to my good friend sukobaba. Always online, hardly comments.. Lol

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