“luckily, the caller turned out to be Obinna. I breathed deeply and answered his call.

“the boys are ready, they are moving in tonight. I’ll notify you immediately they take position” he seriously said over the phone.

“what!” i exclaimed, throwing a quick glance at Adaora who wasn’t even staring at me, though i knew her ears were open.

“why the exclamation?, havn’t you paid for the job?, don’t tell me you are growing cold feet all of a sudden?” he asked,

“bros not that” i replied, quckily leaving Adaora’s room for mine, {where i} locked the door before being able to speak fluently.

“my mind is on saturday” i murmured,

“hmmmm nawaoo, what’s up with you again?, are you the person doing the job?. The guys said they are ready, let them do their work. I’ll notify you once they have taken position. It seems breaking and entering is their best food. They prefer roughing her up in her apartment than in the street, the only thing that will save Elinor this time is if she stays away from her apartment tonight” he laughed.

“alright let them do their thing, i will send you my etisalat phone number. You can reach me with it, though you have already compromised this line. Just saying sha” i murmured and hung up. My legs shook as i thought over everything.
“I could go to jail if things go bad” i reasoned fearfully.

My phone vibrated again, five minutes later, shaking me out of my thoughts. It was Tessy calling.

“hi baby, where are you?, arn’t we seeing this evening?” she asked.

“i really don’t know” i murmured,

“what do you mean by ‘you don’t know, Eeh?, remember the dinner party we are having tomorrow?, arn’t we supposed to discuss about it this evening?” she asked,

“what’s there to discuss nau?, i thought we have discussed everything” i asked,

“try and show up at my house, val, don’t disappoint me” she concluded and hung up.

I was unable to leave Adaora’s house that fateful evening, because my conscience kept disturbing me. I was very scared over the dirty job Obinna was doing on my behalf. I really would have cancelled the whole thing had he given me the chance. But he wouldn’t hear of it when i called him with my etisalat line forty minutes later.

“stop acting like a baby, the plan is already in place. Everything is going as scheduled. You can only cancel it by stopping Elinor from sleeping in her apartment tonight” he said. A condition he knew was a bit impossible to achieve by me.


Nervously i waited patiently in my room, glued to my phone as i eagerly waited for Obinna’s alert. Adaora walked into the room with a tray of fried plantain and sauce.

“you havn’t eaten since you got here, i know you hardly skip meals even when you are very sad. Though we are not dating anymore, i still care about your health. It won’t be wise sleeping with an empty stomach” she said softly, resting the tray on a stool. A text message entered my phone that moment, sending my heart flying. I eagerly opened it. A text {message} from Obinna.

“position has been taken, Target identified. Going in pretty soon” my face coloured after reading it, while Adaora curiously stared at me. I had a strange feeling things wouldn’t go as planned.

I never really bought the idea of Obinna’s crew breaking into Elinor’s apartment, all i wanted was just a simple less risky approach.

To be continued.

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