Quickly hiding my feelings, i smiled at Adaora and held her left hand.

“thanks for all the pains you are having for my sake. You are really a nice person” i said calmly. She scoffed, turned and left the room without another word. Leaving the food behind.

I stayed awake all night waiting for Obinna’s report which never came. You can’t imagine how nervous and scared i was, and how loud my heart pounded that very night. I kept imagining things.

“dear lord, guide them” i prayed.

7am the next morning, i sprang up from bed. I never knew when i dozed off with my worries.
After taking a quick bath, i reached for my phone and dialled Obinna’s number. It was switched off. I dialled it again and again, yet got the same result.. I didn’t know what to think again.
“what’s wrong?, were they caught?, did Obinna go with them?, or is his mobile phone battery simply dead?” i wondered fearfully.

Grabbing my car keys, i left my room, and bumped into Adaora who was cleaning the sitting room. She quickly faced me curiously.

“i’m coming, i won’t take more than an hour” i explained with a fake smile.

“so where exactly are you going?” she asked,

“please Ada you are killing my patience, i’ll tell you everything when i get back” i answered and ran out of the apartment, leaving her very stunned. But i cared not.

On getting to Obinna’s house, i saw his car parked outside, but his apartment locked. I nervously rang the door bell, waited for a while before turning to leave. I felt something was wrong somewhere. I was deeply scared.

“what do i do?” i wondered. I was still battling with my thoughts when a call from Tessy came through {my phone}. I sighed and answered it.

“you kept me waiting last night silly boy. Anyway i don’t think the dinner will still hold tonight. Elinor and her friend were robbed and battered last night, they are currently admitted in a private hospital down town. I think the bandits were caught, not sure though. Come let’s go see Elinor together” she said slowly. Her words hit my right ear like a powerful slap, leaving me stunned.

“Val are you there?” i heard Tessy ask. I simply hung up and swallowed hard, while her words played back in my head. “i think the bandits were caught, not sure though”
d--n!” i cursed.

As i was fearfully leaving the compound, minutes later. My phone rang, it was Obinna this time.
“my guy how far nau?” i asked curiously,

“everything went as planned, but we ran into a little problem on our way out. Where you dey?” he murmured,

“where i dey??” i repeated suspiciously. The last thing i would do is telling him my location, though i knew it would be futile running away. If things actually were that bad.

To be continued.

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