“yea, where you dey naaaa?” he asked again,

“few blocks away from your house” i answered.

“guy abeg transfer 50k{fifty thousand Naira} into my account. Do it via mobile transfer, just like you did the first time” he ordered.

“transfer wetin?, guy nawaoo!, what for?” i asked curiously.

“please just send the money instantly. I will explain later” he begged and hung up. I breathed deeply, while my heart continued to pound furiously. With shaking fingers i successfully did the transfer and headed straight to Tessy’s house with my thoughts running wild.

Tessy was a bit surprised to see me when i got to her house. She was in her sitting room discussing over the phone when i walked in. She smiled sweetly, scanning me as usual with her eyes.

“what’s up Val?, you look as if you just saw a ghost” she laughed.

“your phone call this morning really got me worried. I can’t believe Elinor was attacked” i murmured.

“i’m about heading there, let’s go see things ourselves” she smiled, while i nodded.
We got to the private hospital{name withheld} fifteen minutes later, surprisingly the hospital was just few kilometres away from Tessy’s house.

One of Elinor’s housemates, showed up at the gate and led us to the private ward, where Elinor was helplessly lying with a bandaged head, hand and jaw. She really looked terrible. Another housemate was watching over her when we got into the room, she too had a bandaged head, but looked perfectly okay. My mind increased the tempo of its pounding as i stared at my hand-work.

“how did they come in?, i really can’t believe my eyes” Tessy hissed, snapping her fingers. I stood with hands crossed, my ears wide open.

“hmmm dear i still can’t believe it happened” the girl who led us in, murmured and shook her head.
“the rogues were very professional and fast. Five hefty guys and i feel they weren’t only five of them, but five of them came into the apartment through my room” She narrated slowly.

“I was fast asleep, when i felt something strange happening to me. I opened my eyes to see two guys tying me up as if i was a goat. I couldn’t scream nor plead. I felt like pissing on my pant. I was scared they would rape me, i really wasn’t appropriately dressed. After tying me up and sealing my mouth with a duct tape, they took off the bulb in my room and headed towards the other rooms. I started hearing screams a minute later, my dearie here will tell you guys the rest of the story, that’s all i know” she stopped and nodded at her friend {with a bandaged head}.

“there’s really not much to say. I was in the toilet when i heard Elinor screaming. I rushed out and headed to her room, but never got there. I was knocked out at the corridor, when i got myself, i started hearing gunshots from the vigilantee guys and police. I really can’t say if those b------s were caught or not because everyone’s attention were on Elinor who was badly brutalized. I think they came for her” she concluded with a sigh.

“holy moses” i nervously breathed, while Tessy shrugged. Elinor really wasn’t in shape to say anything. She just laid motionless like a dead wood.

“the operation was successfully carried out, but was the mission a success. Why did Obinna demand more money?” hmmmm

To be continued.

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