I thought dealing with Elinor would make me satisfied and happy. But on the contrary, it made me very sick and uncomfortable. I felt nauseous staring at her helpless state and regretted everything i did. It really cost me a hundred and fifty thousand Naira to put her in that condition.

To what gain?” i wondered,
“she may never know who did this to her and so what’s the benefit?” i deeply wondered.

We left the hospital an hour later. Tessy was near tears as we headed to her house.
“i still can’t believe my eyes, who could have done such a thing to Elinor?” she wondered aloud.

“do you think she was the prime target?” i asked,

“i really don’t know, but the level of injury on her body suggests so” she replied sorrowfully.

I returned to Adaora’s house later in the afternoon, with my thoughts flying high. I really tried calling Obinna as i headed out of Tessy’s house, but was unable to get him. He kept hanging my calls.
“what could be happening?” i wondered.

Adaora really wasn’t pleased to see me when i walked in. I threw a careless hello at her and walked to my room. She followed me.

“this is your one hour abi?” she asked, while i yawned.

“i thought mum ordered you to come home today?, where went you?” she asked.

“i’ll head home tomorrow, i will call mum and explain” i smiled nervously. She breathed deeply and left.

Obinna surprisingly showed up {at Adaora’s house} by 4:30pm {later in the evening}, looking very nervous and hungry.

“my guy e no easy oooo” he exclaimed, shaking his head slowly in the privacy of my room.

“things went as planned. Fred and his boys broke into the apartment, secured the first room and immobilized the occupant. But on getting to the second room they couldn’t find the occupant, so they left it and made for the prime target, who thought it wise to scream instead of begging. This made the boys hit her uncontrollably in order to make her shut up but she refused to yield, until they knocked her out. The missing girl from the second room however showed up that moment screaming, and the boys had no option than to knock her out as well. But unfortunately the obnoxious ladies alerted their neighbours and the vigilante around when they screamed, making escape very hard for the boys who were challenged to a gun fight, by the vigilante group that showed up. Fortunately they were able to escape but one of them had a bullet buried on his right leg. I had no choice than to involve myself by making sure he got medical help, which resulted in the extra money i demanded” he narrated, while i listened eagerly, many questions popping up in my mind.

It really was so unfortunate that i spent a fortune on something so useless and uncalled for. “supposing they were caught, what if someone had died? Would i have been able to live with the guilt. Revenge is something left for our creator alone to handle.

where do i go from here?

To be continued.

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