“why arn’t you saying anything?” Tessy curiously asked, breaking my thoughts. I smiled and shook my head.

“don’t bother talking to Adaora, i need money instead” i murmured seriously.

“money?” she asked with surprise,

“yea money. I need about a 100k{hundred thousand Naira}” i added seriously. She quickly drew back with a deeply coloured face.
My demand really shocked her. Perhaps because it was my first time of seriously demanding a huge sum of money from her.

“Val what do you need such a huge sum of money for?” she asked with a controlled tone, her face still coloured with astonishment.

“i want to rent a two room apartment in Owerri. The cost is actually 200k{two hundred thousand naira}, i have raised half of it, but my mum refused to help me complete it. That’s why i came to you. I wouldn’t have asked for your help, had i another solution” i explained innocently. She breathed deeply and laughed.

“it’s alright Val, i understand. For a moment i was scared over something you shouldn’t know” she said, kissing me.
“i’ll get a hundred and fifty thousand naira for you on friday. But i really would have loved you to settle down here in Abuja instead of Owerri” she murmured with a sad face. I held her reassuringly and stared into her eyes.

“it won’t change a thing between us. I promise” i assured her.

“then let’s do one quick round here in the sitting room before my children returns” she suggested with a naughty smile, roughly holding me. I smiled, kissed, fondled and disrobed her. Within a minute, my joystick was inside her k---y, furiously firing away, while she moaned and sang.


As early as 7am, i was set and ready to travel back to Imo state. Adaora was dressing up for work when i walked into her room. She turned and stared at me searchingly, when she noticed my presence.

“i’m ready to leave. I will be stopping at Obinna’s apartment to pick him up. He will accompany me to Owerri, because i can’t drive alone. I’m not very familiar with the road” i explained as if she was my wife.

“but mum wants you home. She was very clear when she ordered you to come back home” Adaora said seriously.

“i first have to report at my PPA. It’s very important you know” i explained. She shrugged and breathed deeply.

“yea you are right” she murmured, drew close and gave me a surprise hug.

“safe journey” she smiled,

“thanks dearest” i said softly, my eyes near tears.
“you always make me feel alive” i confessed, broke away from her and left without looking back.

As i headed to Obinna’s apartment minutes later, another idea hit me like lightening. I smiled, turned the car and headed towards the hospital where Elinor was admitted.

“what’s my motive?, my new plan, what do i attend to achieve with it?? Hope the devil isn’t playing chess with my destiny… Hmmmm

To be continued.
So sorry dearest friends for the poor updates in the blog. I really have been so busy, since the begining of this year.

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