Elinor was busy with her phone when i walked in. She looked perfectly okay, apart from the thick bandage on her head. She was all alone in the room and eyed me angrily as soon as she noticed my presence.

“what do you want?” she asked coldly, her face colouring. I smiled deeply, sat on a small chair beside her bed and crossed my legs.

“calm down dear. I only wanted to see you before travelling. That’s all, how you dey?” i asked with a dirty smile. She shook her head and bit her lips.

“i have a very big feeling that you are behind everything that happened to me. I can’t prove it, but my mind never decieves me” she murmured strongly, while i scoffed.

“stop being obnoxious my dear. Your conscience is just disturbing you for nothing, but i think you deserve it, by trying to step between Tessy and i. So you see, never underestimate anyone including a baby, because you can’t tell when a baby is going to bite” i laughed heartily.

“yes i knew it. I knew that surprising visit you paid me a couple of days ago with your friend wasn’t for nothing. I have been a fool” she cried.
“don’t worry val, coming here is the greatest mistake you have ever made. I will come after you, your girlfriend and all your loved ones. It’s better you finish me now, better finish up your dirty deed this moment because you will never get the opportunity again” she threatened seriously while my heart jumped. There wasn’t any doubt, her words had a terrible effect on me. I swallowed hard, dumbstruck, and scared. I was tempted to end it all, by taking her life. By strangling the obnoxious creature, by comitting a terrible murder.

It wasn’t courage that brought such power into me but fear. I knew she wasn’t bluffing, i knew she was very serious with her words. I knew she will surely get back at me by hurting Adaora. I was prepared to kill to prevent it. Luckily Tessy walked into the room that moment, shocked to see me. Her presence broke the deep tension in the room, sending the evil air present fleeing for safety. I breathed deeply, while Elinor looked away.

“Val what are you doing here?” Tessy asked curiously,

“i came to see my friend. You know i can’t travel without seeing her” i explained, standing up.

“yea you are right” she smiled, sitting beside Elinor on the bed.

“i have to start going. We will meet at Okigwe {a town in Imo state sharing common boundaries with Abia, Ebony and Enugu state} on friday, just like we agreed” i smiled, while she nodded. I left the hospital seconds later without saying anything to Elinor. But Tessy never really noticed.

“D--n” i exclaimed as i drove towards Obinna’s house. I was very close to being used by the devil. I really couldn’t believe i was capable of doing the deadly deed that flashed into my mind a couple of minutes ago. I never knew i had a dark heart.
“God” i breathed, wondering what could have happened, supposing Tessy came in a minute late.

Surely the devil almost urinated on my destiny.

To be continued.

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