The next day Tessy took me round the community, stopping and greeting everyone we ran into, both young and old. Many people stared at us with surprise but never uttered a single word to me, {apart from the usual hello that came from exchanging pleasantries}.

I really was very uncomfortable, but kept a bold face, while Tessy was as happy as a child.

The traditional marriage we attended later in the evening was however the major event she came to the village for and also the occasion that drew thousands of stares upon us.
She attended the event, dressed in a super expensive, well tailored native attire, with a huge head gear popularly known as canopy on her head. She was nothing but gorgeous, so queenly, so beautiful, so breathtaking. Wow she truly was blessed in the art of making herself look awesome. I however was simply dressed in a well ironed white long sleeved shirt, black trouser and shoes with my dark sunglass to match.

There was commotion as we walked into the already filled up arena by 4:48pm. Everyones attention were on us, forcing the M.C to quickly recognize the pretty queen by my side, but surprisingly we weren’t invited to the high table. I later came to find out that the marriage ceremony was actually being held in her ex husband’s community. Infact three poles away from her matrimonial home.

“do you know why we are really here?” Tessy quietly asked after we had settled down.

“i think it’s for the trad. Marriage, but it seems there is something else huh?” i murmured inquisitively,

“of course there is. The main reason i came here is to show you off to my ex husband’s people. I want them to see that i’m doing well for myself. They are all vipers, the only friend i still have here is the young girl who is getting traditionally married today” she explained with fire in her eyes. I swallowed hard, extremely scared and nervous. I turned round to see people still staring at us and gossiping.

“you should have told me about this on time” i cried,

“well you now know” she replied with an evil smile. I closed my eyes and drew back on my chair, sweating and thinking.

“what is this woman trying to do?, what kind of point is she trying to prove? This is outrageously insane” i murmured to myself, moreover rumour sells and flies faster than the wind in villages.
“who knows what she’s telling people about me?” i wondered.

The marriage ceremony soon came to an end, everywhere became rowdy as people headed towards various directions. As we joined the crowd to leave, about ten youths, though not rough looking blocked us.

“the community elders wants to see you” one of them said to Tessy, who hissed arrogantly.

“anty!, custom is custom, you have to answer the elders call or we will have no choice than to use force even though we will be ashamed to do it, because you are still our brother’s wife” he pleaded politely.
Tessy coloured and froze. I too was stunned.

To be continued.

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