I confronted mum the instant she returned from church {with my younger sisters}, asking of the car keys. She simply ignored me, and went about with her business. An action which greatly annoyed me, because i hate being ignored.

Supposing she wasn’t my mother, i fear i would have reacted violently to her behaviour, but all i did was just to fume and curse, yet she continued to ignore me.
Was she even surprised to see me at home that sunday?, she never showed it.

Yea i knew i was fasting changing from a pleasant boy to an annoying lad. She too was also fast turning into an obnoxious woman.

I ran into my room, angry, confused and clueless on what next to do. I really was very bitter, and more bitter when i couldn’t come up with any solution.
By 1:45pm, i grabbed my bag and left my room, running into mum at the sitting room. She instantly froze as soon as she noticed the bag i was carrying.
“and may i know where you are going mister?” she asked curiously,

“i’m heading back to my PPA” i answered coldly,

“but you just got back?, infact where are you coming from?” she asked. I breathed deeply, looking down at my feet.

“from a friend’s wedding, i’m sorry i didn’t tell you on friday” i murmured. She scoffed, breathing out hot air with her mouth.

“you see your life?, seriously i don’t know you anymore. You are giving me headache more than ten boys put together. I’m tired, seriously i’m” she scolded angrily.
“an evil spirit is definetly inside you. You need deliverance. You need God. This is exactly what happens when a boy refuses to follow God’s path, attend church programmes and listen to God’s word” she continued, annoying me immensely.

“enough mum, enough!. Everybody isn’t going to heaven, let me be” i screamed angrily, stunning her.

“infact i’m leaving bye” i barked, walking away furiously.

“where are you going?” she asked, running after me. But i ignored her and left the house, even though i felt empty and weak inside. I really didn’t know what was happening to me, i sure needed help, but i couldn’t just accept the truth.

I got to the junction, flagged down and boarded a taxi heading to the bus station, relaxing a bit as the taxi sped by.

Nothing shatters the life of a youth more than living a double life.
I was becoming more and more hopeless by each passing day.

“No one comes into this world foolish, but we can choose to be foolish by our actions”.

To me, Tessy was like the pied piper of Hamelin. Luring me to doom with sweet, irresistable melody.

To be continued.

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