I headed back to my PPA that sunday afternoon, very dejected and sad. I equally regretted leaving the house in such manner, and i couldn’t help but wonder the condition i left my poor mother.

I knew she really won’t relax for the rest of that day. I felt like calling to apologize but something stopped me.

On getting to my lodge, i met Jenny sitting outside {on a pavement} with four other corpers from the neighbouring community. I politely greeted them before entering my room, where i quickly settled down, falling asleep almost instantly.
My ringing phone however woke me by 6:15pm. I lazily sat up, It was my immediate younger sister calling from Abuja.

“what is it with you eeh?, why must you insult mum?, don’t you know she’s very important to us?. I won’t forgive you, if anything happens to her. I have been keeping quiet all these while, but i think it’s time someone tells you the truth” she shouted, forcing me to hang up the call rudely. I couldn’t take being insulted by her.

Jenny came into my room minutes later. She quietly sat on my bed, staring at me curiously.
“you weren’t looking bright when you came in this afternoon, what’s the matter?” she asked quietly.

“my car developed a big fault this afternoon” i lied,

“which one?” she asked,

“the old one” i replied with a weary face.

“Our A.I and Z.I{Nysc area inspector and zonal inspector} were here yesterday” she informed me, changing the topic.

“what for?” i asked curiously,

“a batch A corper from the neighbouring secondary school, got involved in a fight with a group of boys over a girl. Apparently he was having relations with the girl when the boys attacked him demanding to have their own share. An argument started leading to a fight which escalated into a village affair, when the girl’s parents heard of it, threatening fire and brimestone. The A.I was unable to handle the issue because things got complicated. The boys are being accused of molestation” she narrated, while i sighed.

Having intimate relations with locals or secondary school girls never was my thing. I seriously don’t know what most male corpers see in it. Yea i know i equally was no saint, but taking advantage and decieving students who we were supposed to teach, clearly is an abuse of power and privilege. Betraying our conscience, country and uniform just for few minutes of pleasure.

I had a very bad night that sunday, from one terrible dream to another. I woke up the next morning{monday} feeling very sour and weak. A phone call from home soon shook me into consciousness. It was my little sister calling.

“brother, mummy is very sick, we don’t know what is wrong with her. Our Mummy no longer talks coherently. We are confused over here” she sobbed, seriously shocking me with the breaking news.

To be continued.

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