Later at night, i apologized to mum, promising to be of good behaviour. She simply breathed deeply, shaking her head.
“please let me be” was all she could say to me.

I also apologized to my immediate younger sister.
“you know i have always watched your back. Please don’t drag issues with mum ever again” she pleaded.

Adaora’s room was my last port of call that night. After speaking with my sister, i sneaked into Adaora’s room to talk to her. I really was very hopeful as i sneaked into her room, because her presence made me realise she still cared for my family.
She was busy with her computer when i walked in. I quietly locked the door and waited, staring at her.

“may i come in?” i asked innocently. She looked up at me, rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“why ask such question when you are already inside?” she asked.

“alright please may i come closer?” i rephrased my question,

“you are free to sit on the bed, but don’t dare to touch me” she replied, making space for me on the bed. I smiled, drew close and sat quietly.

“i really can’t believe you made mum fall sick” she murmured, her eyes still fixed on her computer.

“mum really hasn’t been herself since we broke up. She keeps blaming me over it and now finds fault in everything i do. I think you are also to be blamed” i replied quietly. She froze for a second, turned and faced me.

“no no no, don’t go there. Don’t try blaming me. It wasn’t my fault that we broke up. I did what every respectable lady would have done. Mum even understood my plight” she defended herself seriously.

“but you accused me wrongly. God knows i have nothing intimate going on with Tessy” i spoke out emotionally.

“i like you, i love your family. We have been through alot together. Don’t think for once that you can still lie to me and get away with it. Not with issues concerning Tessy and her crew. I know alot my dear, much more than you can ever imagine. I have one advice for you. ‘stay away from that b.itch” she poured out with a coloured face. I stared at her speechlessly, clueless on what next to say.

“I love you Adaora and that’s all that matters. I know you still love me. Tell me, are you seriously willing to throw me off the mountain we climbed together?” i asked quietly, my heart pounding furiously. To me it seemed like that moment was my last opportunity to reconcile with her. I knew her love was still strong, but forgetting the past is really something so hard to do.

I truly have wronged and betrayed her alot. My sins really were beyond pardon, moreover it wasn’t as if i was ready to turn fully from my bad ways.
She knew Tessy had a strong influence over me, and i equally felt she really wasn’t sure about the type of relationship i was having with her, even though with my nature she strongly believed we were having a relationship.

However there is something about love that is truly unbelieving. Love makes us blind to our partner’s faults, short-comings and errors. Love makes us swallow our pride, ego and sometimes dignity, making us do something really beyond imagination. I knew i pushed Adaora to the limit, but her closeness to my family and the love she had for me, really wasn’t something that time could swallow easily.

We stared at each other, our thoughts running wildly. I had great urge to kiss her, but i held myself.

“my heart is yet to heal from the wound you inflicted on it, and here i’m about to offer it back to you again” she finally sobbed, hiding her face with a pillow. I swallowed hard and held her, my eyes wet with unshed tears.

“i’m scared of that woman, i’m scared of Tessy. She’s an evil wind that will blow us no good. Swear to me that from now onwards you will have nothing to do with her. You are going to swear with my blood” she proposed inbetween sobs. I softly caressed my wounded queen, calming her down.
Her words or should i say proposal, really struck me dumb.

“maybe i didn’t hear her right” i reasoned, shaking my head.


To be continued.
“LITTLE WINNIE” comes up later…

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