A gentle knock on Adaora’s door finally wrapped up the tension between us.

“who could it be?” i wondered, cursing my luck as i drew away from Adaora, who equally composed herself by quickly sitting upright and facing the door.

The door gently opened, revealing my immediate younger sister who was extremely surprised to see me in the room. She stood hesitantly at the door, silently staring at us.

“why are you standing as if you have seen a ghost, did you see any?” Adaora jokingly asked. My sister smiled, relaxing and coming forward, while i shifted uncomfortably, a bit angry at her. There was no doubt her presence spoiled my night.

I quietly stood up forcing out a smile, Adaora stared at me saying nothing.

“actually i came to borrow your laptop” my sister quickly said to Adaora, trying to look for a way out. But there really wasn’t any need for it, because i already had made up my mind to leave the room.

“good night” i smiled to both of them, walking out instantly without waiting for a reply.
“dam.n” i cursed as i walked to my room.

However another opportunity presented itself early the next day. My mother left for the hospital with my immediate younger sister, while the last three left for their respective schools, leaving Adaora and i alone at the house.

I wasted no time in seeking her out. She was arranging her hair when i walked into her room.
I smiled, drew close and held her shoulders from behind.

“i know you will be here” she murmured, staring at me through the wall mirror she was facing.

“can we go out and grab a bite or something” i asked nervously. She scoffed, stood up, faced me and rolled her eyes.

“i’m not hungry, thanks” she replied, walked to her bed and sat down. I approached her again, squatting by her side.

“we seriously need to make up, we really need to fix our relationship” i poured out emotionally.

“oh please!, is it by force?” she rasped, eyeing me coldly.

“oh yes it is by force” i breathed hotly. She stared at me in wonder, saying nothing.

“Adaora we are made for each other, i refuse to fall off this mountain alone. Queen of my heart, i can’t survive the fall without you. See how terrible you have left me” i poured out, my lips close to hers, my hands grasping her soft shoulders strongly.

She tried to free herself but my grip was very strong. I roughly kissed her lips, ears, jaw, throat, wherever my tongue could reach. I was all over her as if my life depended on what i was doing.
Oh yes it really was, because my hope, destiny, future and life was all wrapped up in front of her. I needed to secure her heart once again, i needed to set things right, i had to do all it takes to make my family happy again.

She finally moaned, when my romance became too much to bear and resist. My hormones soared high as i felt the soft flesh of her left b---m.

“Oh my God, what are you trying to do?” she cried weakly.

To be continued.

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