My phone rang seconds later, i glanced at it, smiled and answered Adaora’s call,

“my lion how you dey?” she greeted,

“baby i’m very bored, lonely and unhappy, i’m missing you so much” i lied, while she responded with well chosen words that aroused me enormously. She never suspected that i was equally in the same town with her.

“How furious will she be, if by any chance she discovers about this”. I reasoned as we chatted happily.
Tessy came into the guest room few minutes after Adaora’s phone call, with a calm smile on her face. She sat beside me on the bed and felt my pulse,

“hope you are feeling better?” she asked with concern,

“yep dear, i told you all i needed was just a little rest” i replied with a smile, sat up and pecked her. Her eyes beemed with joy as she felt me.

“you brought light and happiness into my life” she murmured and looked down. I held her left hand softly.

“we are going to a friend’s birthday party with Elinor, the party is starting by 6pm so do get ready” she looked up at me and murmured calmly. I swallowed hard with surprise and confusion as i returned her look.

“wouldn’t i look different in such party, baby i think it’s better i stay here and wait for you” i pleaded. She breathed deeply, drew nearer and shook her head.

“my dear you look matured, very much taller than i, very sound and okay. I don’t see any reason why you ain’t going to fit in, c’mon don’t say no please, i want you to come with me please” she pleaded strongly. I shrugged and accepted even though i knew Elinor’s hand was in it.

“alright no problem i will go with you, but first i need an iron to dress the third shirt i brought along, this one i’m wearing is already rumpled” i said quietly. She instantly kissed and hugged me.

“fetch the shirt, i will iron it myself and please don’t refuse” she said happily. I smiled and obeyed without any objection.

Minutes later we headed towards Apo legislative quarters in Tessy’s SUV. It really was the first time i drove one of her cars, and I really couldn’t help but notice Elinor’s surprise as i took the car keys from Tessy after a little friendly argument that fateful evening.


We arrived at our destination, alighted from the car and got searched by stern looking security operatives before being allowed into the huge compound. The enviroment really was classy, serene and very much above my level. But as a guy of the world, i maintained my air of superiority and behaved as if i was the son of a very important personality.

We soon settled down in a quiet spot while Elinor and Tessy searched for the host with their eyes. I crossed my legs, relaxed and got busy with my phone, until Tessy tapped me with a smile on her face.

“dear please i’m coming, i have to greet an associate” she explained and nodded at a guy who sat between two ladies. I smiled and nodded. She instantly stood up, tried to drag Elinor along but meet stiff resistance from her.

“i’m not going with you to greet that obnoxious man, i detest him with passion” she murmured, while Tessy scoffed and left us.

With a cunning bright smile, Elinor turned and faced me,

“you can’t run away from me Val, so better relax and play ball or else” she threatened with a devilish mood killing smile. I silently looked the other way with a fast pounding heart…

Is accepting her deal a wise move??

To be continued…

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