“what’s over?” she asked again, but instead of answering, i kissed her strongly, stunning her with my action.

“val what’s up with you, why are you acting so strange?” she asked, forcefully breaking away from me.
“it seems like you have forgotten the conditions i gave you at home, should i repeat them??” she asked with a raised tone.

“conditions or no condition, what matters is that i love you dearest, have no doubt about it” i said calmly, while she stared at me with a confused face.

“is this a trick?, what happened to you out there?, tell me i can understand, i have always stood by you, havn’t i??” she asked, drawing close to me with concern.

“l feel like taking you out for a treat, nothing is wrong with me. Don’t i have the right to express my feelings?” i asked with deep emotion. She breathed deeply and backed me.

“it has been long, i last saw you in such high spirit. I’m confused, it dosen’t look right” she murmured. I gently wrapped my hands around her.

“baby i understand your fear, but please say nothing more” i pleaded quietly, placing my lips on her neck and breathing in her sweet scent.

“we have climbed the highest mountain together, swarm the deepest sea together, and been through a lot of experiences together. In each occassion you reached out to save me when it looked as if i wouldn’t make it. You never abandoned nor gave up on me. What else can i say dearest” i whispered, my right hand finding her right b---m which i softly squeezed. She moaned and gave a weak struggle.

“you just want to take advantage of me all over again. You are saying all these words simply because you are h---y” she accused quietly.

“my dearest, please stop saying nonsense” i begged as i turned her to face me. We stared at each other for a while before i closed in on her with my lips.

We hungrily kissed passionately, ending up on the floor where we made great love.
It really was so sweet and lovely, her body responding savagely to my thrusts, while her cries filled the room with beautiful melody. It really was a rediscovered passion.

“jeez, i can’t believe i did this with you” she gasped when we were done an hour later.
“how many rounds did you go on me?” she curiously asked, resting her head on my chest.

“just two, weren’t you conscious when it was all going down?” i murmured smiling,

“and you did everything without protection eeh” she completed, raising her head to give me an angry stare. I closed my eyes and said nothing.

“i will kill you if you ever break my heart again” she jokingly threatened, got up and headed to the bathroom. I breathed deeply, feeling happy. But my happiness was cut short because my phone rang a minute later, showing Tessy’s phone number on the screen. I quickly answered the call with apprehension.

“Val i’ll like to see you in my house before an hour, no excuses, else you will regret ever crossing me” she ordered and hung up, leaving me extremely stunned and indecisive.

“should i honour her invitation or not?” i deeply wondered, a bit scared over the cold way she spoke to me.

“I should’ve seen this coming right from the start, beware of women like Tessy, beware of a woman with a broken heart” my head sang.

To be continued.
UNBRIDLED PASSION starting soon on coolval22.com

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