“hello, hello!, please speak up, i’m not hearing you” Tessy’s voice sounded over the phone. Adaora gave me a look, breathed deeply and faced her phone.

“hi Tess, good morning” she greeted, preparing herself for the questions ahead.

“hello!, hello!!, i still can’t hear you. Please call back later, i’m driving” i heard Tessy say, making me heave a sigh of relief.

“hmmm, she’s driving” Adaora said to me, ending the phone call. I shrugged, yawned and returned to my bed.

“was she driving when you called her?” she asked curiously.

“i really don’t know because she never said so” i answered.

“hmmm, but it’s too earlier to be driving, unless she’s going to church”, she murmured and left the room, while I tossed around on my bed, restlessly thinking over everything.

“what do i do know?” i wondered. An idea quickly struck me, i grabbed my phone and typed a message for Tessy.
“Thanks for covering up the act, i’ll be at your house very early tomorrow. I Can’t come today, Adaora is very suspicious and nosy” i typed and sent to Tessy, praying she understands.


The rest of the day was uneventful and boring. Adaora refused to go out that sunday, instead stayed at the house waiting for Tessy that never came. While i spent my day replaying and going through the recorded converstation i had with Elinor the previous day, but i was disappointed because the audio quality wasn’t audible. I had a hard time picking out words from the conversation.

However as the clock struck 6pm, Adaora became extremely upset. But for a reason best known to her, she refused calling Tessy again, saving me a whole lot of stress. Anyway i still felt her pains and tried my best to make her happy.

we had a quiet dinner that evening, after which i walked up to her as she was washing the dishes. Holding her by the waist, i kissed her neck softly.

“please don’t let today’s incident upset you. Remember you asked me to not to have anything to do with that Lady again, why now are you allowing things concerning her get to you?” i quietly asked.

“who told you, i’m upset?” she replied with a question,

“oh yes you are, you really ruined our day with your behaviour, and you know i will be leaving tomorrow” i quietly said, while She quickly turned and faced me.

“i thought you wanted to spend some days with me?” she asked,

“yea wasn’t this weekend enough?, you know i have a duty to perform at my PPA” I answered. She shrugged.

“alright, it’s cool” she murmured.

My sudden departure plan really was caused by Tessy. I earlier had hoped to stay with Adaora till wednesday, but with the way things were going. I was forced to draw out another plan, which was seeing her very early on monday, before heading out of town, even though i never really expected to achieve much with it. But i was very hopeful.


“i’m very sorry over what happened yesterday. I spoilt everything with my character. Just forget about it please” Adaora pleaded and kissed me, when i was ready to leave. I smiled and hugged her.

“just take good care of yourself wifey. I promise to be of good behaviour over there” i said sweetly. She rolled her eyes and kissed me strong.
“i love you with all my heart” she breathed.

By 7:20am, i found myself in Tessy’s sitting room, anxiously waiting for her to show up from the bedroom. She soon appeared, smiling confidently, her eyes on my small travelling bag. I breathed deeply, silently praying for all to go well………………

Was visiting Tessy with my suitcase a wrong or good move??
Hmmmm, do watch out for the next episode.

To be continued.

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