“so you are the guy messing up and decieving sister Oge?, i never knew you were that devilish when i stupidly gave you my phone number” she said angrily, stunning me with her words.

“Sister Oge?” i murmured, staring at her with confusion. She scoffed and drew closer.

“stop displaying that silly look, you very well know who i’m talking about. The lady you just left her office, what’s her name?” she asked.

“Tessy” i answered with a raised tone,

“whatever,” she said, flicking her hand in an annoying manner,
“please allow her to train her children with the money her husband left her. Stop decieving and duping her” she warned coldly, deeply annoying me with her insolent behaviour.

“I beg your pardon, stop the insult please. Better ask your ‘sister Oge’, what i do with her and stop ranting rubbish. Is this how you go about embarrassing every guy you see with your so called sister?. Where are your manners little girl?” i shouted at her. She stepped back a little and stared at me with confusion.

“if there is someone decieving your sister, better investigate properly before pouncing on anyone. D--n i can’t believe i got attracted to someone like you” i barked like a gentleman, totally ripping her apart with my words. She looked away with embarrassment, too stunned to talk.

But seriously she really had guts to confront me. A very foolish behaviour from a girl with class. However the way i shouted at her made her realise her mistake, but thinking of it, perhaps she really came out to vent her disappointment or talk to me, camouflaging her motive with the accusation. Well a lady’s mind is very complex, she alone knew what was in her head that moment.

“alright, perhaps i’m wrong” she murmured with embarrassment, turned and headed back towards Tessy’s shop. I breathed deeply and smiled.

“hey wait, not so fast. You know i lost your phone number, that’s the reason i havn’t been calling” i lied. She stopped without turning,

“there isn’t any need having it. I will be leaving for school on wednesday. So just forget about it” she answered.

“which school?” i asked curiously,

“Abia state University” she answered and headed back to Tessy’s office, leaving me a bit stunned with Joy. There really was something about her that always made my spirit high.
“wow we will meet in the east” i smiled, confidently.

Three minutes later, the twins headed out from Tessy’s shop and left, while i went in to meet Tessy, who was already on her feet, a handbag slung on her shoulder.

“seems like those girls are family?” i curiously asked,

“sort of, their mother is my godmother and we are very close. They see me as their big sister” she replied with a smile.

“let’s go check my new project” she said as left the office with me….


We arrived at her house by 6:30pm very tired and exhausted. My respect and admiration for Tessy grew after being taken round all the businesses she ran. It was a very busy day for us and i couldn’t help but also notice her good memory when she was having a brief chat with one of her workers earlier in the day.

We were very surprised to see Elinor when we walked into the sitting room, and she too was extremely surprised to see me, but cleverly hid her surprise with a calm smile.

“Elinor dear, i know we have a lot to talk but please let’s leave it for tomorrow” Tessy politely said to her. She quickly nodded and stood up.

“very well then” she said with a smile, giving me a cold look as she left.
I quietly walked to the guest room, where i quickly relaxed, while Tessy spent sometime with her children.

I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Elinor’s mind that moment. I never bargained on meeting her in such a surprising manner.

Tessy came to see me later in the night, with a bundle of naira notes which she held on her right hand. She quietly sat at the edge of the bed and stared at me for a while.

“i guess you are sleeping here?, i can’t force you to come sleep in mine” she said calmly, while i kept quiet.

“here is the fifty thousand i promised you” she said, dropping the money by my side.

“i always keep my promise, not like you, and i can never take advantage of you, just like you are doing to me. It’s not a crime to be divorced. It’s not a sin to be without a husband. Good night” she said with a very soft voice as if she was holding herself from crying, slowly got up and left the room, while i closed my eyes unable to say anything.

I really can’t write how i felt that moment. It was no fault of hers that she was madly in love with me.
Even though i wanted to be free from her. I was incapable of breaking her heart.

To be continued.

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