“you can’t talk again abi?” Elinor taunted, probably in order to draw out words from my mouth. I ignored her and focused my attention back on my phone once again.
Tessy returned moments later with a dark middle aged lady who smiled at me polietly as she hugged Elinor.

“you guys shouldn’t be sitting here, follow me jor” she added jovially, while Tessy beckoned me to follow them. I polietly stood up and went with them to another section of the compound which was only a stone throw away from where we earlier sat. Lots of guests were already there, making the place very lively and noisy.

Bottles of Wine were soon shared, while the D.j and a local artiste blew up the compound, drawing crowd into the arena which was soon filled with happy couples dancing and waltzing.

Tessy stared at me and smiled,

“come show me what you got” she shouted into my left ear. I blushed and stared at her.

“why are people in a hurry to dance when the M.C is even yet to start the ceremony huh?” i asked as i desperately tried to change the topic. But she only laughed out loud and slapped my left shoulder.

“abeg leave matter for matthias and stand up jare” she replied humourously, while Elinor instantly stood up and roughly dragged me up, surprising me immensely,

“don’t be shy jor” she shouted and dragged me out to the open. I bit my lips and followed her. I couldn’t refuse because i already was on my feet.

We waltzed silently, while Tessy watched us keenly. I really wasn’t a good dancer, but i was forced to step up my moves so as not to embarrass myself. Elinor however was so good with it.

“why didn’t you come with your boyfriend?” i curiously asked as we danced. She instantly rotated, held my neck and smiled,

“oops i thought you won’t ever talk to me again huh” she replied and rolled her eyes. I kept quiet, danced on and said nothing.

“you stand to benefit alot from me, shine your eyes” she added, backed me again, reached out and drew a girl towards us. The girl smiled in appreciation and danced with us.

I soon got tired because dancing really isn’t my thing, but before i could make up my mind and return to my chair, Elinor left the girl and i alone, returned to her chair and whispered something into Tessy’s ear.

“where did Elinor get you from, i don’t think i have ever seen you in any of our parties” the girl instantly asked as we danced, bringing my attention back on her.

To be continued…

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