By thursday evening, i made up my mind to travel to Abuja once again, bearing in mind to have some serious talks with Tessy. It really took me three days of deep thinking to come up with the idea, even though my mind wasn’t strong about at all.

Adaora was still at Enugu with my parents, after spending two days at her family house. She still answered my calls which was a very welcomed development, but it never meant that our relationship wasn’t still shaking from the matchet wound Tessy inflicted on it.

Travelling to Abuja under such circumstances wasn’t really something which was made with a peaceful mind. I planned seeing Tessy, without coming up with any idea on how to settle things with her.
Later in the evening{thursday}, i called her on phone, praying she answers the call. Luckily she answered with a gruff voice.

“i will be at your house by saturday evening. Hope it will be okay by you?” i informed her calmly.

“no problem. I dey” she murmured and hung up, giving me no chance to say any other thing.


Saturday finally arrived. I prayed for the first time before heading to Owerri. My head pounding furiously, my body system in complete disarray. Yet i couldn’t really give myself a simple answer on what i plan talking with her. Was it to beg??.

I arrived the capital city by 6:30pm, rushed to a small cafe, where i ate a plate of hot rice and beans {because i ate nothing before embarking on that strange journey}. I restlessly ate, glancing at my watch every other minute, as i tried to draw out another plan.

7:38pm i walked into Tessy’s compound and was led to the backyard, by a househelp who told me that she was waiting for me there. I really was surprised, but had no choice than to go with her. On getting there, i was surprised to see Tessy sitting with two bulky men who were dressed in military camfouflage. My first instinct was to run, but i bravely waved away my fear and approached them. My eyes on Tessy, whose face instantly lit up when she saw me.

But as i drew closer to her. I saw myself in the air, crashing on the floor seconds later. I was shocked, i was dazed, i was stunned. I was extremely flabbergastered. My ear smarting painfully, which made me realise that i wasn’t only kicked, but slapped as well.

The two men descended on me like angry Mexican bulls, whipping and kicking me without respect. I couldn’t find the voice to scream, nor the mind to fight them in self defence. They had a good time dealing with me, while my body burned painfully.

“so na dis fine madam you wan dupe kia!, shege!” they cursed with anger as if my problems with Tessy took a pound of their flesh.

“make sure you return her five hundred thousand naira before the end of this year, or my oga go carry tank come finish your family” one of them shouted, kicking my a.ss.

“five hundred thousand?? No no no” i managed to protest, an action which further infuriated them. The tallest drew out his belt.

“enough, it’s okay” i heard Tessy command, while i heaved a sigh of relief as i gasped for air.

“no madam, we never start anything, the boy never learn im lesson. See as he just shout” they protested.

“no wahala free him” she commanded again.

To be continued.
LITTLE WINNIE comes up later in the Day.

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