“let me handle the rest” she said to the solidiers, who quickly drew back without another word. I tried to stand but couldn’t, spitting out blood as my eyes turned. I feared i had lost some of my ribs, which really alarmed me. I tried standing again, but this time, i collasped.

I opened my eyes to find myself in Tessy’s room. I quickly sprang up, but felt a heavy pain in my chest which pushed me down on the bed again. Tessy was soon by my side.

“easy, don’t stress your body, you have been drugged. The pains will soon go away” she said quietly. I tried saying something but couldn’t. My eyes closed, sending me back to dreamland.
I fully woke up hours later{6:15am sunday}, sitting up with a weak body, my head burning painfully. I sat for a while regaining my senses and thinking of my next step. Even though i was still unable to think properly.
There was no denying that Tessy has taken our disagreement to a brand new level and i needed to upgrade my tactics, though unlike Elinor, she hardly bragged about anything and behaved like a saint while deep down her heart was as dark as coal.
I really couldn’t imagine how to carry out my own revenge, since i had sworn never to use violence in dealing with my enemies.

Sighting my small bag, which was lying by the corner, i lazily fetched it, searching for my toothbrush, but i was surprised to see that my bag had been searched, though nothing was taken from it. The clothes i left at the bottom were now at the top.
“so how are you now?” Tessy asked, as i was dressing up painfully. The pains on my body returned as soon as i poured water on myself after brushing my teeth.

“you don’t want to talk to me?” she smiled, sitting on the bed expecting me to say something, but i just ignored her, dressed up and grabbed my bag.

“please where are my phones?” i asked her coldly,

“they are over there” she replied, pointing to a small table. I reached for my phones, checked them and was equally surprised to see that they had been tampered with. The settings{launchers} weren’t the same as i left them. But i kept my feelings to myself and faced her.

“i’m leaving” i said quietly,

“hmmmm, not so fast, don’t you think we have something to discuss?” she asked, while i shrugged.

“i don’t think so, because you have already threatened my family and decided that i’m owing you 500k, so be it” i said with a frown. She smiled, stood up and blocked me.

“we can forget about all that happened yesterday, if you can just discard your decision about ending our relationship. I can compensate you handsomely for everything” she said calmly. I breathed deeply, closed my eyes, bit my lips and left her room without another word.

As i left her house, i thought of my next line of action. The pain in my chest returned, seizing my breath.

Where do i go from here? What do i do??

To be continued
A great shoutout to our dear friends Mary-jane Obehi & ThankGod Tochukwu who got married yesterday in a breathtaking ceremony. Best wishes to you Guys…

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