I dialled Adaora’s phone number as i waited for a taxi minutes later, wondering where she could be.

“happy sunday dear, where are you?” i asked calmly,

“i’m in Abuja nau, i returned yesterday, couldn’t reach you though” she answered,

“alright, i’m coming over” i said, surprising her with the announcement.

“what?, are you in Abuja” she asked with a surprised tone,

“yes, i’ll explain when i get there” i answered and hung up, my heart bleeding with regret.
Just that moment another call come through the same phone, and this time it was Elinor calling. I really was surprised to see her number on the phone screen.

“hi dear, i heard what happened to you at Tessy’s place and i couldn’t help but feel sorry for you. I’m really sorry, where are you?, perhaps i can be of help” she asked calmly,

“don’t worry about me, thanks alot. I’m fine” i replied a bit rudely and hung up.

Finally getting a taxi, i headed to Adaora’s house, while my thoughts wandered carelessly. I couldn’t help but think of the motive behind Elinor’s strange phone call. She sounded as if she truly sympatized with me, which i deemed strange.

Adaora gasped as she opened the door. She stared at me speechlessly for some minutes before letting me into the house. I wanted her to hug me, i desperately wanted to feel her warm body, but she denied me the pleasure because of her displeasure over my recent scandals.

“you look very awful and terrible, were you involved in an accident or what?” she curiously asked as i lowered myself on a couch. Sitting beside me, she examined me carefully.

“i went to Tessy’s house to have a talk with her concerning the pictures, but instead of obliging she sent two soldiers to beat me up” i explained, while her face coloured with surprise.

“are you serious!” she exclaimed,

“yea they almost killed me” i confessed,

“i can imagine” she breathed. Opening my shirt to see some faint whip marks on my body.

“i really don’t know what to say to you. Seriously” she murmured,
“i gave you everything you asked for. Or money?, you have lots already, seriously the devil really enjoys playing with you” she said with a broken spirit, while i closed my eyes unable to say anything.
What could i ever say to justify my actions?. She really has seen alot, and still suffering because i simply refused to grow up.

“i’m very confused, seriously. What if she killed you?, gosh” she snapped her fingers,
“i don’t even know my condition right now. I have been vomitting since yesterday evening” she added with a soft whimper. I lazily reached for her hand and held it, tears blinding my vision. Her phone rang that moment coming in between our emotions.

“what’s Tessy calling me for?” i heard her ask in wonder as she answered the call, switching on her phone speaker-out.

“your boyfriend is trying to play a silly prank on me. Just warn him to be careful over what he is wishing for himself. I advise you as a friend, please try not to get involved. I know he is in there with you lying his a.ss off as usual” Tessy said plainly, making her words sound more of a threat than warning.

“but hey, i’m already involved because he is not my boyfriend but husband, go get a life” Adaora yelled back, surprising Tessy who quickly changed tone once again.

“fine, i hope you deal with it when it comes” she hissed and hung up, while i closed my eyes in shame.
I couldn’t believe Adaora was sticking out her Neck for me after all i did. But just as if she read my mind, she quickly faced me.

“i will stand by you just for appearances and for nothing more” she said seriously, forgetting or purposely refusing to mention the current status of our relationship….

I couldn’t help but wonder where every of my actions will lead to….

To be continued
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