7:45pm, Adaora’s house

“you know i can handle that obnoxious lady, if you let me” Adaora said as we enjoyed a quiet dinner. I scoffed and stared at her.

“i have my contacts, moreover my mum is avilable to help with the right connections” she continued quietly,

“hmmm please don’t think of it, besides Tessy is equally highly connected, going by the way i feel you plan handling her. I fear the whole thing will be blown out of proportion and the press will fight each other with the resultant news” i mumured, while she shrugged, facing her meal.

“na you sabi. I rest my help” she breathed.

Early the next morning, she went to a lab. For a pregnancy test before heading to her PPA. She however returned two hours later with a bright face.

“i’m not pregnant, now i can face other fears squarely” she joked.

I spent Monday night, thinking and orchestrating the first stage of my plans against Tessy. By Tuesday morning, i had it mapped out and ready to execute. It was equally the day i planned travelling back to the east{1mo}.

I spent an hour with Adaora in her room, apologizing all over again, and making promises which could have moved any girl but her.

“you already know that i love you. I have nothing else to say” was all she could say to me. She never sounded harsh nor affectionate. Her heart really was one that has bled a thousand times over. I was near tears as we managed to hug before i left the house, heading straight to Tessy’s office.

I saw Tessy walking into her shop as i dropped from the Taxi. I smiled evily, closed my eyes with the new sunglass i bought minutes earlier and went after her.

She was extremely surprised to see me at her office. The surprise and slight shock on her face suggested she was kind of scared. I never for a minute imagined she could be scared of me, which made me smile with both hands on my waist, looking big and cool.

“were you following me?” she asked in a somewhat confused manner.

“i hate what you did to me at your house and i so much resent what you did on sunday by calling my girlfriend” i said calmly,

“and what do you intend to do?” she asked suspiciously.

“nothing” i answered, confusing her a great deal, with my calm pose and behaviour.

“i came to apologize and set things straight on saturday, but you showed me how bad you are. So now how do you think i can continue loving a woman who almost killed me?” i asked, while she blushed in regret.

“i never took five hundred thousand Naira from you, but i will send you the money before christmas, just like you demanded. Please just leave my girl out, she will even help by contributing half the sum. So you see nothing will break us up” i boasted seriously, turning to leave, but just as i expected, she quickly grabbed my hand.

“i was decieved by a friend. Elinor arranged the whole show. You know i can’t afford harming you?” she begged like a child.
Her revelation destablized my whole being. I was shocked beyond imagination, but still a bit suspicious. She really wasn’t only smart but cunning.

“I just don’t know” i murmured and backed her, pretending to be confused. She came closer and held me from behind.

“please my dearest, i really can’t stand losing you” she begged, while i breathed deeply.

“i’m heading back to the east to recover from the trauma, you will have your reply by saturday” i promised,
“but just know that i will never step foot into your house again. If ever we are getting back, we will be meeting somewhere else” i said with a deceptive smile, my back still on her.

“no problem” she accepted without hesistation. I turned, gave her a last look before disappearing.

one week was the perfect time needed to finalize my plans and draw everything to a super conclusion.

‘She used a horsewhip on me, i will use an iron rod on her’.

To be continued.

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