“so how was your trip?” i asked politely, my eyes sparkling innocenly. She shrugged and smiled, breathing deeply.

“oh wonderful, just so tired” she replied quietly as i sat opposite to her. My heart furiously pounding.

She refused going out for a little sight seeing with me that evening, stressing that she was too tired to leave the hotel. But deep down i felt she just wasn’t too comfortable with me, I felt she was d--n too scared of so many things best known to her.

However we headed to the hotel room she got for herself an hour later, while my mind kept rehearsing and playing back all i intended doing. I was very determined to carry them all out.

We took a hot bath together, before settling down for the first round of super hot sex.
“i hope our quarrels are now a thing of the past?. I hope your mind is clean towards me?” she suddenly asked as i tried to grab her right b---m. Stopping me with her words, while i hid my true feelings as her eyes scanned me all over.

“we are here together and that’s all that matters” i replied slowly, kissing her softly. She breathed deeply as she felt my lips, falling back on the bed to enjoy the night of passion ahead.

Grabbing her two rich bosoms, i s----d, fondled and played with them to my satisfaction, before settling down to the great task of ravaging her body with all my strength. All these i did without any iota of feelings.
I made love to her with a very cold heart, and i really couldn’t tell of enjoying the whole show because of the plans that weighed down my heart.

After the third round, we showered again before returning to the bed. I grabbed her sweetly, in order to continue all over again, but she begged me to stop.
“gosh what did you take before coming here?. Please i’m tired ooo, i can’t take another round again” she said, stopping me from holding her. I smiled and kissed her.

“dear i do understand. I know the flight plus other things must have stressed you up. Let’s just hold each other and sleep unclad” i suggested harmlessly.

“c’mon ain’t you feeling the cold?” she asked. I breathed deeply, turned off the a/c before joining her on the bed.

“let’s try it out. But if the cold persists, we will put on our clothes” i proposed innocently. She shrugged and fell back on the bed without any other word. I smiled, laid beside her with my hands around her. Soon she was fast asleep.

After about an hour later, when she was already deeply asleep, i pulled away from her, grabbed my phones and took pictures of her unclad body without any fear. I took a whole lot of pictures, making sure that her privates and face were well exposed. I forwarded all to my mail, before picking up her phones to check if my harmless half clad pictures were in there. Keying in her very popular password *orange* i gained access to the phones without much stress.

After minutes of searching, i saw what i was looking for. The pictures were just three in number and the one she sent Adaora was the most provoking of the three. I smiled, deleted and replaced them with three of her unclad pictures.

After making sure everything was in place. I woke her up, taking more snapshots as she lazily opened her eyes to reality.

To be continued.

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