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Special scenes *life as a corper* 170


“i really can’t wait to see those pictures, how do i get them?” she asked, while i scoffed.

Knowing Elinor’s dubious character, i knew she had something big already planned out.

“i don’t understand, please what are you trying to say?” i asked quietly,

“oh please stop playing dumb. I want those pictures, how do i get them?, i’m willing to pay” she said seriously, pausing for my reply.

“Tessy asked you to make this call?” i asked curiously, trying hard to figure out if she was playing with Tessy or against her. I already knew Elinor as someone who was good at cashing into any opportunity just to make few bucks and i wanted to be sure of the situation i was dealing with, even though I strongly felt she was planning something nasty for either me or for Tessy.

“does it matter dear??, let’s just cut the deal and that’s all that matters” she intelligently replied.
“but we need to have a face to face transaction” she added, making me draw back with suspicion.

“fine, you can come over to Owerri, if you are really serious about having the pictures” i answered, while she kept quiet for a while, perhaps weighing her chances with me.

I had no doubt about succeeding with my plans in dealing with her once she sets foot in the city of Owerri, but i equally knew i need to plan something big ahead, by drawing out a bigger and more ambitious plan or else i could lose out and end up being used. Moreover i knew she won’t easily fall into my trap like Tessy if she was to come, and she equally would definetly have her own backup plans incase of any eventuality.

“isn’t it better you come to Abuja, i can foot the bills” she offered,

“i can’t” i answered a bit coldly.

“fine, i’ll be there in five days. Just wait for my call” she said and ended the phone call, while i breathed deeply, smiling to myself.

However two hours later, as i was resting in my new apartment. I got another call from her, which kind of surprised me.

“i think i have something more important to exchange for the pictures, and it concerns Tessy’s health issue which i feel may be of utmost importance to you. Call me dear, it’s something big” she announced, abruptly ending the call and leaving me a bit desperate.

I felt she wanted to play a nasty trick on me, by trying to turn the table around, yet i found myself dialling her number. My curiousity very high.

One thing was definetly for sure. Elinor was very eager to outsmart me, but the question therein is:

“hello Val, you did the right thing by calling, now listen to me” I heard Elinor say as she answered my call.

To be continued.

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12 thoughts on “Special scenes *life as a corper* 170

  • soyedele1

    More Update bro.. Keep it up..I really appreciate yu big time

  • Emarhdre

    Tessy’s health? Pictures? . Wonder how the two would relate . . Hope Elinor did outsmart you sha

  • Emarhdre

    Tessy’s health? Pictures? . Wonder how the two would relate . . Hope Elinor did not outsmart you sha

  • ajimsly

    with friends like Elinor,who needs enemies?Val,i hope you played your cards right.

  • desertboom

    Val. . . How is life going for you? That Elinor of a lady needs a little heat.

    I am enjoying your updates by the day.

    Ride on, Imo star. Keep the light shinning.

  • Scon-p

    Which kind bad suspense be this na?

  • Donifez

    Enjoying your recent update.

  • afeez

    Welldon val for up to constant update.i knew it that not good can come out of elinor so I hope you play your card well. Waiting for next update

  • Kahuna

    Suspense ooo.

  • crowther15

    Infact, i’v been busy wt skul stuff i have little. I started 4rm whr I stopped the other time am nw up2date nw. Only thing that would upset me is u and Ada depart. Keep the good job

  • godson chikelue

    More elbow grease to your effort Mr Val…but why cant Val surprise us with more than two update just like the good old days,just wishing the good old days will come back once more.;(;(;(

  • Austinodark

    Try update more frequently

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