“i truly believe you will find my information very helpful, but i just can’t disclose it here on phone, moreover i just checked my activities for the week and there isn’t any space for me to come over in five days. If you can have a change of heart, i promise to pay you handsomely when you get here, plus the health issue i intend revealing to you. Believe me, your life is at risk” she seriously said, while my heart skipped a beat, but on a serious thought, i found myself very doubtful of the genuineness of the information she claimed to bear, moreover Tessy and her children looked quite healthy to me, giving me the feeling that Elinor was simply trying to do what she was good at. Which was playing on my intelligence.

“unfortunately, your information gives me no great concern. All that matters to me is the money you are willing the pay, moreover don’t think Tessy havn’t offered me anything yet for the pictures” i said calmly, while she kept quiet for some seconds.

“you mean Tessy offered you money for the pictures?” she asked as if it was something so impossible.

“yes, a huge amount precisely” i lied convincingly, which drew her into another deep silence,

“and you believe she really will risk offering you such amount you claim, knowing fully well that you still have some copies of the pictures with you?” she intelligently asked.

“dear it isn’t your cross, so stop sniffing around please” i murmured with a deep breathe,

“i pity you Val. You really don’t know Tessy. She has friends scattered everywhere who are ready to do her bidding. Owerri is too small a town to hide, but i believe she won’t just come after you, but will first destroy what you value the most before coming to you. I’m leaking this information to you because i’m the only one that can help you, forget our past misunderstandings and be wise. Having unclad pictures of a big society lady will bring more harm than good to you. Moreover what do you intend doing with the pictures?” she curiously asked,

“what i intend doing, is my business so don’t worry” i replied coldly, even though i was a bit frightened and shaken over all she said to me.

“okay oo, don’t complain when you see Lizards at your door-step when you have ant infested wood in there” she concluded and ended the call while i thought over all she said to me.

I felt she was a bit right over some points. I believed Tessy wouldn’t just sit, fold her hands and wait for me to play around with her pictures. I had the feeling she was cooking something for me, though i couldn’t pinpoint the exact thing she could do, but then i equally refused to rule out the possibility of Elinor setting up a hit for me and making it look as if it was from Tessy, just to get my confidence and have the pictures.
I thought i was done with Abuja ladies, but instead i found myself getting more buried in the mud.

Things were far from being over.

To be continued.

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