I laid awake all night, planning and thinking of my next line of action. I felt insecure and scared of my position. I never imagined Tessy would have the mind to carry out different kinds of assaults on me, just for the sake of mere pictures.

It really was true she had a lot to lose if the pictures were to be made public, and it equally was very natural in trying to protect it from happening, but then i had expected her to be more reasonable. I had expected her to reach out to me for a lasting solution. I only had the pictures as a form of leverage against her advances and tricks, but it seemed as if i miscalculated by having the pictures. My reputation was now at sake, my love life highly at risk and my life in great danger.
All these thoughts kept me awake all night and the next day i headed to my home town in order to inspect the family property against the upcoming christmas as was the tradition in our family.

Stopping at a gas station slightly opposite Capitol hotel, infront of the Military check point at Orji Owerri. I noticed a black honda civic car, pull up within a very close range. I immediately felt uncomfortable on noticing it, but never made it look obvious. Instead i filled my tank and drove homewards, throwing occassional glances at my rear mirror as the car dutifully followed me. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that i was being followed.
If not for my restiveness and high state of alertness due to my pressing problems, perhaps i wouldn’t have even noticed the car in the first place.

On getting to Ata junction {about twenty five miles from Owerri, Imo state capital and about fifteen miles to my destination}. I quickly took a right turn away from the highway and into the hinterland, heading towards Ama-Imo, taking the route with the sole aim of losing the civic car inside one of the numerous villages. But alas i miscalculated by taking such route, because it gave my pursuer the opportunity to increase his speed and gain up on me, which sent my nerves flying high.
Still increasing his speed, the driver overtook me, taking a sharp stunt to double-cross me.

I was so dead.

To be continued.

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