“hey young man stop being
foolish. If you want to talk to us,
you know the person to call” an
agent barked, and ended
the call without even giving me
the chance to talk. I immediately
dialled mr Tosin’s phone number
without thinking twice.

“hello mr Valentine, are you now
in Abuja?” he quickly asked as if i
promised him i was coming.

“no sir but i called for another
reason” i replied, trying to
explain my motive of calling, but
he gave me no chance.
Interrupting me, he barked.

“you have to be here in Abuja
before i listen to you. Your girl is
going with us till you show up to
bail her” he rasped, sending my
nerves flying with his outburst. I
quickly tried a new approach.
Clearing my throat, i barked.

“you guys really don’t know whose daughter you are playing with.
Just get ready for the
consequencies. I have nothing else to say” i shouted defiantly.

“have you finished?, call me
when you get to town” he said
calmly after listening to my
outburst, before ending the call. I
fell back, totally lost and
confused. I couldn’t imagine
what Adaora was already going
through in their hands.

I quickly called Tessy, but she
refused to answer my calls which
then left me cursing as tears fell
from my eyes. I felt Tessy had
stabbed me once again after
cleaning my wounds.

An hour later, Adaora called me,
her voice sounding like someone
in tears.

“baby i don’t know where i’m
ooo. I have been locked up in an
isolated compound. Try do something, i have been kidnapped” she cried.

“calm down my love, you havn’t been kidnapped. If you were, you won’t have access to your
phone” i reassured her, even
though i felt empty inside.

“i know what i’m saying, they just gave me an opportunity to
call you for the last time. Is this really happening?, what have you done?. I have been kidnapped”
she cried, while the ‘call ending’ beep tone, beeped on my ear.

I felt like crying, I felt bad, very bad, moreover i knew the consequencies if the news should get to her mother or mine, which i feared was now inevitable. I had no choice than to prepare myself for another trip to Abuja. A trip i was so scared of undertaking because i feared i might end up not returning with my complete body, if ever i was lucky enough
to return.

Adaora’s last words,
“i have been Kidnapped” kept
ringing in my head, as i prayed

But before finally making up my
mind for the trip ahead. I made
one last phone call.

To be continued.

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