“are your guys available?” i asked a very surprised Obinna.

“of course they always are” he replied slowly, expecting me to be more open, which i really wasn’t ready to, because i truly had nothing figured out yet, even though i was very certain his boys were going to be helpful in days to come.

“i will be in town, before 6pm tomorrow. I will call you when i arrive” i concluded and ended the phone call, while my heart continued to pound loudly, shaking my entire body system as if i was under a serious spiritual attack.
Supposing i knew of any soothsayer, seriously with my condition i would have searched him out to read my future.

I couldn’t help but wonder how Adaora’s feelings towards me would be. I had brought nothing but pain, anguish and troubles to her.
“If by chance our relationships survives after this mess, then nothing will ever break it” i reasoned, shaking my head profusely, as i glanced at my watch, contemplating on whether to take the risky night bus orWait till the next day for my journey. Oh my spirit was extremely restless that fateful day.

Precisely by 5:15pm, my phone rang, bringing me back to reality. Taking a look at my phone, i saw that It was Tessy who was calling, which made me to sigh before answering the call.

“hi Val i missed your calls earlier in the day. I actually was in a meeting when you called. What’s up?” she asked as if she wasn’t aware of the latest development, which kind of sent some doubts into my mind.
“Is she really trying to play with my intelligence?” i wondered.

“your SSS guys took my girl to an unknown location hours ago. I thought you promised to give me time. Didn’t you agree to lay low till January?” i asked with all my heart.

“SSS what?, Really??” she asked like a confused student, while i managed to explain the whole story to her.

“don’t worry your girl will be returned. I guess there was a mistake, which i will reactify as soon as possible” She assured me, calming down my spirit with her words. But then the way she sounded made me realise that perhaps she wasn’t the only one calling the shots, even though she might be aware of the third party involved in our affair. It really made the whole issue look a bit more complicated.

However by 8:30pm that fateful evening, Adaora called to tell me that she was at her house, relaxing my nervous spirit with the great news, but what was to come after was a very heavy blow even though it never came as a surprise to me.

“Our relationship is over. Don’t ever come near me nor my family ever again. You criminal” she ended up shouting at me.

It pained me alot to hear her call me a criminal. It really was so painful that tears fell freely from my eyes. I tried making some explanations but she refused to listen. I couldn’t imagine what they must have told her.

The next evening, i heard from my mother that Adaora was back in Enugu, with almost all her properties. My actions had made her run from abuja.

To be continued.

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