I returned to Imo state on monday to resume my life as a teacher. It really wasn’t easy adapting to my new life but i had no choice.

Jenny was extremely helpful and assisted me greatly like a good friend. Though I sort of used my charms and gentle nature in buying over much of her friendship that within days we were just short of being lovers.

Teaching in a secondary school really isn’t easy in anyway, because there isn’t room for any failure. The students all assumed we knew everything, so in order to meet up to their demands i returned to my books and buried myself in them. I read and prepared each day as if i was about sitting for another degree exam.

The female students, though younger than i expected them to be, were devils in disguise and temptations to behold. They came after me like flies chasing after a dirty cow and as a responsible graduate, it was my responsiblity to caution, discourage and advice them. They were nothing but young teenagers who were just noticing many changes in their body chemistry, very eager to experiment, and cluless of the consequencies.

Most of them saw young male corpers as imported high class objects of pleasure, while some of my male corper friends equally satisfied the girls beliefs and displayed what they know best without reserve. My advice mostly went unheeded.


Jenny and i walked into our lodge from school, very tired and hungry. She carried a nylon bag containing two pineapples which we bought on our way back, while i carried text books belonging to both of us.

She stopped in front of her room which was locked from within, knocked for a while before sighing and rolling her eyes,

“oops i even forgot” she murmured to herself, turned and faced me. I instantly stared inquisitively at her as i waited for an explanation.

“sonia’s guy came over from Abia state this morning, i guess they are still busy” she explained with a smile, while i gasped in surprise.

“he is serving at one local government in Abia state, you can’t believe they have dated for four years” she added as we entered my room.

“so how about you, do you have a boyfriend?” i asked. She simply scoffed, sat on my bed and stared at me.

“what do you think?” she asked with a smile,

“i do think you are a very beautiful and decent girl who should be married by now” i replied and sat on my rug.

“you know i have been thinking why you do show so much care towards my friend and i. I know for a fact that guys don’t show such gestures for nothing, so tell me why is it that you show so much kindness to us?” she asked softly but curiously with prying eyes. I breathed deeply and returned her look seriously.

“because i do need your friendship much more than you need mine. I couldn’t have found my feet in this school without your support, which i’m very grateful for” i explained.

“so we are friends simply because we are working together and nothing else?” she probed further,

“yea even though i find you attractive oooo” i joked. She laughed and shrugged.

“are you sure?” she asked,

“yep” i replied with a smile.

“alright so be it” she murmured, before changing the topic.

As i slept later that night i deliberated over our discussion seriously. Truly i haboured some intimate feelings for her because she really was attractive, but i really couldn’t mention it without sounding disrespectful. Moreover i needed her friendship and help much more than i needed her body.

“No she dosen’t look like a girl who will offer her body to me just for the fun. She’s very decent for such behaviour” i concluded. Yet i couldn’t help wondering why she asked such prying questions.

“was she only being curious as a lady? Or is she equally habouring some intimate feelings?” I asked myself over and over.

I knew it wasn’t love because we both were educated, experienced and intelligent enough not to fall in love so easily, making me rule out the possibility.

To be continued…

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