“our girl and her mother are ready for dinner, so kindly get up and join us in the dinning room” mum said to me minutes later, when she came into my room to check up on me. I couldn’t say anything to her because i simply wasn’t myself.

The cold way Adaora answered my greeting when i welcomed she and her mother moments ago flashed back in my mind. The cold look she gave me really unsettled and tore my damaged heart into shreds. I was so nervous as i welcomed them that her mother had to ask if i was fine.

“yes ma, i’m fine, it’s just stress. I came home just hours ago” i had explained, while Adaora smiled scornfully, saying nothing.

I couldn’t imagine what was to come during dinner. I feared the time bomb Adaora had with her was set to explode there. But what can i do than to wait?.

I quietly got up and moved to the dinning room. Adaora, her mother and my mum were already seated when i got there. Mum’s angry stare quickly made me apologize to everyone with my eyes, before quietly sitting beside Adaora’s mum. A woman who barely noticed me, not minding how long she has known me.
However that was just her character, she was good at carrying herself with an air of superiority, and always behaving as if she was better and richer than everyone. Yes she carried herself so high, as proud as a peacock, though deep down she possessed a good heart. Adaora unfortunately inherited almost all her traits, even though she barely displayed them publicly.

Luckily for me, nothing bad happened during dinner and Adaora never uttered a word concerning our affair, but yet i was still uncomfortable because i feared she was purposely holding me at suspence.
Adaora’s mother however announced during the meal that she was travelling out to be with her husband for Christmas, and as usual will be leaving Adaora to be with us since she has chosen not to travel till the end of her Nysc.

I truly was relieved and happy hearing the wonderful news but deep down i still felt uncomfortable, which made me to drive over to see Adaora the next day, praying for her to grant me audience.

She did grant me the audience i desperately wanted, and for the first time appeared relaxed and calm, which lightened up my spirit.

“now listen to me Val, i have a wonderful proposal to make” she said as soon as i settled down, hiding her feelings with a calm smile.
“yesterday i stopped myself from telling your mother everything because of my mother’s presence. But now you have to choose between me telling your family all i witnessed and heard, or letting me be for the rest of my life” she said quietly, confusing me with her words.

“i don’t understand” i murmured with confusion, drawing closer to her.

“Val i no longer love you and if you still insist on having me as your girlfriend, pestering my life everyday, i won’t have any choice than to tell all i know to your mother, but if you promise never to bother me again, i will keep my lips sealed forever. Nobody will know about your dirty secret” she said seriously, leaving me gasping for breathe.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I so desperately wanted her to be by my side, yet i also couldn’t risk her revealing anything to my mother. I was totally torn and indecisive.

“what do i do now?” i wondered as she curiously waited for my answer.

To be continued.

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