“i won’t be free, i already have lots of engagements, moreover i think you should forget about the pictures” i answered calmly, she kept quiet for a while.

“why are you sounding like this?” she slowly asked, making me smile.

“we will talk later please” i murmured and ended the call, giving her no time to say anything else. Frank eyes were all on me.

“i think you should be more than careful when dealing with this Elinor Lady. I can’t just figure out her motive over the whole affair” he said to me, sounding very serious. I nodded and said nothing. Clearly the last thing on my mind was spoiling my christmas with something i knew would be very difficult to handle alone. I knew God chases away flies for a tailless cow and so i felt that by January a solution would find its way into my problems.

Frank left minutes later, while my immediate younger sister came and dragged me to her room. I was very surprised to see Adaora there, and i couldn’t help but smile hopefully because i felt that at last our problems were going to be mediated upon by no one else than my younger sister who had a good amount of influence over Adaora.

Adaora instantly coloured up as soon as she saw me, while my sister dutifully joined her on the bed. I sat on a chair and faced them, my heart pounding loudly.

“i brought you guys here so that we can settle your disagreements. I’m glad you have carried your grievances maturedly without giving mum a reason to learn about it” my sister spoke calmly, but Adaora wasn’t pleased with the speech. She quickly shook her head and eyed me.

“if this meeting is simply to beg or make me to continue with Val, then i’m sorrow because it isn’t going to happen. You can’t imagine how many lies he told me, how many threats i got on his behalf, the pictures i saw, and the number of disgusting stories i heard about him. The ones i told you are simply the ones that hurt me the most, seriously i’m still having nightmares over the way i was kidnapped in broad daylight all because of him”
She poured out hotly while i looked down in shame. I couldn’t believe she told my sister almost everything. I felt i had lost my place before my young sister. I was supposed to be the role model, the pace setter, the father of the family.
“How digusting” i breathed shamefully.

“bros my ears were filled when Adaora poured out the mystery surrounding her unhappiness. I simply was dumbstruck. Jeez brother, what is happening??, anyway show us Tessy’s pictures you took, we want to see them to be sure” she said with a commanding tone, while i drew back with surprise. I couldn’t believe they knew about the pictures.

“d--n how did they know?, didn’t Tessy pretend and behave as if she knew nothing about the kidnap?, who fed Adaora all these information?” i wondered as i opened my phone picture gallery, handing over the device to the girls.

“their eyes grew dim as they glanced at the pictures, blushing, and murmuring together. I looked away with disgust.

To be continued shortly…

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