“seriously bro, i think she do possess everything i want in a woman, moreover she has been there for me all these while and i just can’t wait to take her off her family’s influence before they succeed in destroying her life” Frank continued while i breathed deeply saying nothing.

“i will buy Jamb form for her again next year, praying she gets a high mark this time. She won’t be going back to Portharcourt where she’s working after this christmas. I intend going with her to my PPA” he concluded seriously. I shrugged and wished him luck, he already had everything worked out and even though i had some reservations concerning his plans, i kept sealed lips. I wasn’t the person to spoil his happiness.

As i headed home minutes later, my phone began ringing. I gasped with shock when i saw that it was Tessy calling. From the day my relationship with her turned sour my heart always froze whenever she called me.
I couldn’t think of the reason she was calling, since she has agreed to let me be till January. I finally answered her call after my phone rang three times.

“happy Xmas Val. How do we see tomorrow?. I’m currently at my hometown. Do we meet at Okigwe, Anara or Owerri?” she asked as if all was well between us. My heart froze over and over as i swallowed hard. I couldn’t think out a fast answer.

“c’mon don’t keep me waiting. I just want to see you and it isn’t because of anything you did” she said slowly, sounding very enticing and sweet, but my mind or should i say conscience warned me that it was a trap.

“i know you are enjoying at your hometown but don’t tell me you can’t make out even an hour to see me. Let’s meet tomorrow at the family house opposite Capitol hotel {orji} Owerri. Don’t fail me” she announced sharply.

“alright” i finally breathed, while she laughed in her usual manner as she ended the phone call.

“Did i just say alright?? Hmmm” i wondered as i realised the consequences of my answer. But it was already too late to eat my word. I had to think of a plan. I had to think fast.

Turning the car, i drove back to Frank’s house, in order to seek out advice and beg him to accompany me. I parked my car outside and walked into the quiet house. [Frank’s parents left the house when i was with him minutes ago]

I was a bit surprised to find his room door locked. Paying no attention to it, i knocked, but it took him time to answer. When he finally opened the door five minutes later, he had with a silly look on his face. I still paid no attention to it, and tried to enter, but quickly stopped when my eyes fell on a young girl who was trying hard to compose herself and appear calm.

“frankkkkk eeeeiii!” was all that escaped my lips. I couldn’t imagine how he was able to sneak in the girl under such a short time. He quickly dragged me outside and whispered with a smile.

“her friend is on the way. You can try your luck” he said, winking at me and making me forget what brought me back to his room.

To be continued

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