“hmmm nawaoo, i thought you have repented?” i joked when i finally found my voice. He scoffed and shrugged.

“My friend whatever you eat in this life is what you take to the grave” he replied seriously while i laughed before telling him about the phone call i recieved moments ago and what i intend doing. He frowned slightly after hearing all i poured out.

“You are scared of the devil yet you are always eager to dine with him. No be me and you jor. I can’t go with you, the best i can advice, is for you to switch off your phone tomorrow and look for an excuse to give if she calls the day after. You can afford to do that, can’t you?” he asked seriously.

“of course i can” i replied as i thought over his advice.
The next day, i simply did as Frank advised by switching off all my phones. Yet my mind wasn’t at rest all through that day. I couldn’t imagine the outcome of it all. I deeply regretted ever having anything to do with Tessy. I felt my dealings with her will keep haunting me for the rest of my life.
When the second day arrived. I switched on my phones, my lies and excuse ready and well rehearsed for her. But she never did call, which to me seemed like a bad sign. I feared she was heavily disappointed. I couldn’t imgaine what the coming year would look like.

However we had a very wonderful Christmas, even though it quickly sped by like Lightening.. Adaora enjoyed every moment with us, appearing cool, pleasant and respectful all through.
On January 3rd 2013 we returned to Enugu, where everyone once again faced life. My immediate younger sister and Adaora quickly began making preparations to travel back to their PPA, while i equally began making mine.

I couldn’t help but feel for Adaora, because i knew she was scared of returning to her Abuja Apartment all alone, which really prompted me to bravely walk into her room the next night which was January 4th.

The time was 9:30pm when i walked into the dark room. I couldn’t imagine the kind of reception that awaited me, yet i quietly sneaked in like a baby rat going after a loaf of bread guided by three angry cats.

As soon as i got to her bed, the table lamp which was neatly set opposite the edge of her bed switched on, illuminating the room with its bright light, revealing Adaora’s face. Her eyes sparkled brightly as she quickly sat up, facing me. Her jaw drawn and ready for a fight.


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