“what are you doing here?” she rudely asked, seriously eyeing me. I nervously smiled and sat beside her.

“i know you are scared of returning to Abuja?” i calmly asked, holding her right hand.

“of course i’m, thanks to you” she replied coldly, while i breathed deeply.

“i will come over to Abuja to be with you till everything is settled. I will come the day after tomorrow, i promise” i said quietly, my heart pounding loud. She looked up at me, her eyes curiously searching my face. Nervously i forced out a smile and nodded. Tension slightly shaking my slim body.

“do you want me to involve my mother. She can do something about this situation?” she suddenly proposed.

“no dear, don’t worry. I will fix everything. It’s my problem and not yours” i replied, while she shrugged in resignation, blushing as our eyes met once again. Then it suddenly happened.

With a calm swift move, i drew close and planted a kiss on her lips. She instantly shivered as she felt it, her temperature rising in the process. Breathing deeply, i kissed her again. This time the kiss was more stronger and precise than the first one, holding her strongly as i delivered it with passion, while she weakly tried to push me away, even though her lips and tongue were glued to mine.

We were soon struggling on the bed, kissing, fondling and romancing each other. It was such a wonderful moment. The passion intense and strong, her moans and touch aroused me the more. I never expected such response with her.
I instantly wished i could turn back the hands of time and wipe away all my wrong doings.
Oh when a woman is in love, she loves for real.

She finally gave me access to her honeypot after much struggle. I managed to go one round before she locked up again.
“Val what we just did still dosent change anything between us. I allowed you to have your way because i felt like having s-x and nothing more” she seriously said to me after the deed. I knew her statement wasn’t true, but i nodded as if i believed her, frowning slightly as if it pained me.

The next day my sister and Adaora travelled to Abuja while i headed to my PPA. After my clearance which i did the next day, i headed to Abuja. It really was on the 7th of January 2013. A day so deeply stuck in my memory. However, or should i say surprisingly, Tessy nor Elinor never really called up till that moment, but deep down i knew a great battle awaited me.

Lord guide me” i prayed.

To be continued shortly.
As from coming friday, Expect improved updates, will be less busy to update frequently.

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