2hours later, Adaora’s house

“the colonel only promised to send two men. I guess he didn’t buy my lie” Adaora said softly as she came into my room, calmly sitting on the bed, her eyes on me.

I smiled, sat up and held her,
“you have done more than enough for me. Thanks alot dearest” i said with all my heart. She looked away saying nothing.

“i do owe you alot, seriously” i breathed with passion, embracing her tightly, my nose on her hair.

“i do many things to make you happy but you always end up hurting me” she murmured and tried to stand up, but i held her strongly, preventing her from making any move.

“yea i know i don’t deserve your help nor love. I know i have wronged you more than a thousand times, but please bear in mind that if i should come back to this world a million times, i still will choose you over and over again. My love you are” i breathed solemnly. She simply kept quiet, saying nothing. My words really had some effects on her.
Suddenly she began crying, sobbing so hard that her whole body shook tremendously. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i was lost and speechless for a while.

“i have suffered so much for you. I have endured alot but what do i always get?, no you don’t love me Val” she sobbed. I truly had a hard time trying to make her stop.

Finally by 5:50pm, precisely ten minutes after Obinna arrived, two soldiers showed up with a blue Hilux truck, and together we all headed to Tessy’s house. I never wanted Adaora to go with us, but she insisted on witnessing everything , leaving me with no choice than to oblige her.

Minutes later, we arrived at Tessy’s premises. I couldn’t help but smile as her gateman opened the gate for us, before disappearing with top speed to notify his madam of our presence.

To be continued.

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