“so do you have anywhere in mind you want us to go?” i asked as i drove,

“no not exactly” she replied with a smile. I breathed deeply and headed towards my apartment.

“i hope you won’t mind if i take you to my apartment?” i asked politely,

“not at all” she replied with a serious look.

On getting to my apartment we enjoyed a local movie together, before she fried some plantains i bought days ago. I never for once gave her a lustful look nor touched her, even though as a guy my mind sometimes wandered towards that direction. I saw no need in making sexual advances to her nor starting what i couldn’t finish. All i wanted was her company. Three hours later she got ready to leave.

“you know you really look and behave like a nice guy” she murmured as i drove towards her apartment.

“so you are trying to say that i’m not a good person huh?” i asked with a smile. She kept quiet, saying nothing.
“c’mon say something nau?” i urged, pinching her left hand.

“let me be jor, you wouldn’t have gotten involved with a married woman if you are decent as you claim. Divorced or not” she said unguardedly, shocking me with her words. I instantly grew serious and silent.

“married woman?” i murmured to myself,
“of course she’s referring to Tessy” i answered quietly, the revelation hitting me like a slap.

“what did Tessy tell you?, how much do you know” i asked as i stopped my car at the spot i picked her hours ago.

“please don’t ask me, thanks for everything” she said with a smile, winked at me before alighting from my car. I bit my lips and drove off.

“was her comment made out of resentment or care?” i wondered,
“if she knows so much about Tessy and i, how come she’s now hanging out with me?” i wondered. It never crossed my mind that perhaps Tessy sent her to finish the dirty work, since i felt i already reached a compromise with her. Moreover the twin never look like a half penny cheap girl who would do such a job.

I spent a restless night thinking over everything and the next morning i called her {the twin}, asking if she was free. I was very eager to know all she knew about me.
Even though I already knew it wasn’t going to be easy making her to open up, i felt i had the experience to penetrate her mind.

“you can come pick me up by 11am, i guess you have nothing doing” she said with a very weird tone, but i covered it up with laughter.

“i’m still enjoying the new year dear” i laughed and hung up.

By 12noon we were together in my apartment. My mind kept playing around as i threw quick glances at her while her attention was on the soap opera that was showing on my Television.

“about my dealings with Tessy, do you resent me over it?” i finally asked, unable to find the best words to use in raising up the topic. She simply looked at me before facing the T.v again.

“please i don’t want to talk about it” she murmured. I drew close and held her hand.

“tell me all you know, i’m ready to reciprocate by telling you my side of the story” i offered seriously.

“when you were all over me the previous year. I thought finally my life was about getting eventful, but you turned out to be a deceiver, a scoundrel, a cheat. You have no honour” she said coldly without mincing words, standing up and leaving me totally stunned.

“so why are you now with me?” i asked without thinking, she scoffed and looked away.

“you will never get to know. I’m leaving” she breathed deeply and headed towards the door. I was extremely shocked and speechless.

I thought i knew all about women. I felt i had all the tools needed to read every woman, but she proved me very wrong. I couldn’t quite grasp what was going on in her small mind. I couldn’t figure out anything.

What i saw in her eyes was colder than hatred, hotter than resentment, more revealing than spite and stronger than affection. I couldn’t say what it is that i saw. I realised that moment that the heart of a woman is more complex than i imagined.

“i have to stop her from leaving” i reasoned as i went after her.

To be continued.
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