“i’m not in town, you could have informed me earlier” i finally answered.

“so how do i get into town?” she asked like a novice, making me smile with surprise,

“you can get an Airport taxi or inform one of your friends nah” i replied.

“it’s really business. I’ll be spending some days before returning to Abuja, endeavour to see me unless you are still bearing grudges towards me” she added and waited for my reply.

“i will see you on saturday morning” i murmured and hung up.

I fetched Frank early saturday morning, and together we headed to see Tessy. My mind really wasn’t at rest as i drove towards the address she gave me. I kept thinking of her reason for seeking me.
It equally wasn’t easy locating the address because the place ended up to be at the outskirts of New Owerri. At first i was scared and confused but when we got there, i relaxed on seeing a building project which was going on.

“you never told me about this?” i asked Tessy with a smile as she surprised me with a hug. She truly was looking lovely in jean shorts and T. Shirt.

“because you never cared to ask” she replied and faced Frank who caught her attention. I quickly did a brief introduction, Frank as usual behaved like a gentle man while Tessy showed much more interest in him. She asked him lots of questions which at a point made me really uncomfortable.

“i like your friend, i think i can help him get a job” she smiled to me as they exchanged phone numbers. I was speechless, but sealed my discomfort with a smile.

“so why did you choose to build in owerri of all towns?” i finally asked when she was done with Frank.

“is there anything bad in it?” she asked with a calm smile. I shrugged, saying nothing.

She however prevented us from leaving on time and my hands were tied because Frank accepted to stay when she begged us not to leave. We finally left the site later in the afternoon precisely by 2:45pm, after promising to show up late in the evening at the hotel she was lodging..

I really couldn’t figure out the type of game she was trying to play with Frank but whatever it was i wished them Luck.
But thinking of it, i had to shake some silly thoughts out of my mind, even though i knew Frank wasn’t a very honest guy, which made me somehow regret taking him to meet Tessy.

As per having sexual relations with him, i had some doubts. I felt Tessy had more ambitious plan than that. What could it be??

To be continued.

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