“what do i do to you? This silly boy” Tessy said to me with an angry smile as she walked into her office, after keeping us waiting for twenty five minutes.

“you are no longer the person i used to know. I thought we have reconciled?. Do you know that i can walk you guys out right now?” she threatened as she sat on her chair, while we kept quiet.

“please can you leave us alone” she suddenly said to a surprised Frank, who quickly stood up nervously. He really wasn’t sure of what he heard and so stared at both of us in confusion.

She flashed him a smile and nodded,
“just give us five minutes please” she said polietly.
“you can look around the shop while Val and i discuss a little business” she concluded. Frank had no choice than to grant her request.

“what’s up with you? Are we still quarelling or what?” she asked when we were alone. I shrugged and said nothing.

“seriously i’m far from understanding you. Your behaviour irritates me, and you know how cruel i can be when irritated” She said seriously.

“i’m sorry for irritating you. I just have to keep my distance and you know why” i apologized weakly,

“i don’t know why, but you have to know that some things can’t be erased, just like your memory. Do you know how many times i have tried to shut you out of my heart? You fu.cked me Val, you fuc.ked your way into my heart, you had series of sex sessions with me and you think it’s nothing huh? I can’t get over my feelings so you have to do something about it” she said with fire in her eyes, feeling no shame over her outburst.

“Many guys will kill to have me, but here i’m always disgracing myself. Perhaps because you are the last guy to ever penetrate my body, or maybe because you are gentle in spirit. If it means nothing to you, it means a great deal to me. I’m done loving but i feel terrible without you” she poured out solemnly.

“what can i say?. I just don’t know, c’mon look at yourself. You are not more than thirty years old. You will die early if you continue like this” i said standing up and trying hard to appear brave, even though i was weak inside.

“please let’s talk about the job you are offering my friend. He badly needs it” i begged.

“yea i plan on making him an assistant manager and supervisor of this shop. He will see to the sales, take stocks, and supervise the salegirls. If he does well, in three months i will send him to supervise the shop i have at the outskirt of the town, which is three times the size of this one. Remember we have been there once?. The shop with Gym, mini resturant and car wash” she explained, while i smiled and liked my lips.

“but it all depends on you. We are far from being friends are we not?” she asked, instantly turning me around with the difficult question.

To be continued.
The second part of our Lecture on “how to Make love” will be coming up shortly.

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