“why didn’t you stop her from leaving?” i soon heard Jenny ask. I shrugged and shook my head,

“why should i stop her? She came of her own free will” i replied. She quietly returned my phone, sat on my rug and began eating her meal.

“i hate it when you guys go after little girls, behaving so cheaply” she murmured soon after.

“i know you won’t believe me” i muttered,

“i never called your name” she replied and eyed me. I ignored her, opened my phone browser and surfed the internet.

“hullo Val how you doing?? It’s Selena hope you remember” a sweet feminine voice announced as soon as i answered my phone which rang just fifteen minutes after Jenny’s annoying comment.

“wow i’m very fine dear, i even thought you have forgotten all about me” i replied with a calm happy voice.

“oh don’t talk like that, it’s just that i have been busy lately. Are you in Enugu? I just flew into Owerri today for a conference organised by UNICEF, it’s really my first visit to Owerri” she added delightfully.

“you can’t be serious! What a coincidence, can you believe i’m equally in Owerri checking up on some properties we just mapped out for selling” i lied sweetly.

Jenny instantly stared at me with shock, disbelief and disgust. I quietly left my room and went outside to finish my conversation with Selena.

“oh dear lord can you imagine, round up quickly and rush up to Links hotel so we can pop some drinks together” she invited.

“oh no Selena dear, i really don’t think we can see each other, because i also have another important thing to do after inspecting the properties, you know i just started running my late dad’s business and i can’t afford to skip any appointment. I really do regret saying this” i murmured with a broken voice.

“c’mon Val you just dashed my hopes, why now??” she muttered and sighed unhappily,

“It’s not really what you think. Alright let me explain, you see the appointment i just mentioned is with a local government T.C chairman over some amount of money being owed my family on a contract we did for the previous regime, and i had to be punctual with the appointment because you know i’m very young and sometimes they don’t pay much attention to me” i lied convincingly,

“i’m supposed to meet him by 4pm but you never can tell how long it may take” i added for good measures.

“alright i will call you later i have to go” she muttered and hung up abruptly.

I shrugged, smiled to myself and walked into my room. I had to lie because i really didn’t want to appear too cheap or jobless to her.
Jenny abandoned the movie she was watching and stared at me coldly as soon as i walked into my room.

“are you into yahoo deals?” she asked searchingly. Her question really sounded disrespectful but i smiled reassuringly and shook my head in denial,

“offcourse not” i answered.

“i don’t believe you, better give your life to christ” she murmured and stood up. I quickly held her hands and stared into her eyes

“don’t be too intense dear, it’s really not what you think” i tried to explain

“save yourself the explanation, no wonder you live in such comfort, better seek for God now that you still have the time” she replied, broke free from me and left my room.

Her behaviour quickly reminded me of Agatha my born-again ex-girlfriend

“who knows where she might be” i wondered

To be continued.

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