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Special scenes *life as a corper* 220


“maybe it’s a bad idea after all. I just disgraced myself, didn’t i??” she sadly asked. I smiled reassuredly, caressing her hand.

“you like me. I like you. I guess it will be bad if we fail to give it a trial” i said sweetly. She rolled her eyes and said nothing.

I couldn’t believe the words that came out from my mouth were mine.
“i really havn’t changed” i said to myself with a calm smile.

“are you sure of what you just said?” she asked with eyes beeming with smiles. I breathed deeply and hugged her.

“of course my dear, but we really have to take things slow” i whispered in her ear.

“take things slow, like no s-x?” she asked curiously. I drew back her head, stared into her eyes and nodded in affirmative.

“i can’t believe this is coming from a guy. No s-x hmmm” she laughed, pinching me in the process.

We finally slept holding each other. Such a peaceful and wonderful night it was. Deep down i somehow wished Adaora was with me.

We spent two days together before parting ways on the third day. I headed back to Enugu while she travelled back to her school. Perhaps if mum hadn’t called me on the second day to ask what was keeping me from returning home, i might have stayed a bit longer with her.
She really wasn’t happy we were parting so quickly. To her it was the end. She felt we won’t be seeing each other again.

“Val i hope this isn’t the end?. I really love you” she cried as i dropped her at Okigwe junction. I perfectly understood her fears. Deep down i shared the same sentiment with her, but i acted cool, smiled, kissed and reassured her once again that our affair would last a lifetime.

Hmmmm, finally my life as a corper has come to an end. A new era opened. How will it all end.
Will Adaora return to the country for my sake?. Will things get better between Tessy and i?. How about the new girl {The twin}?. Hmmm too many questions.

Watch out for the concluding part of my story titled

To be continued.

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11 thoughts on “Special scenes *life as a corper* 220

  • fidel

    weldone Val u reallly tried cos staying wt a woman for days witout touching her, hmmmmm, ll i be able to do dat…… Maybe if dont ve feeling for her

  • ofido omega nwanne m
    ofido omega nwanne m

    wow!!!! a hand of applause for val wit a standing ovation

  • lammtjoe006

    abeg no praised Val jor……….if hez condom no finish,he wil enter jerusalem…………..crossin mail leg for ur Aftermath Edition

  • peleson

    Val is good at messing things up

  • boll2010

    This val sha……tank God my females cousins no knw u ,I 4 break ya head

  • ifi

    Val, u are so good. The suspense we so captivating and ur story was very intriging. Nice writing skills. I have taken my seat to wait for the aftermath.You wld go places in writing and literary activities. Keep it up.cheers

  • Ogb21

    This is de only story I’ve followed ryt from n-------d,I introduced it 2 my friends nd they lyk it..dey will soon register…well done val

  • C.O

    After the ‘Aftermath’,hope der will be season 3. ‘Life after nysc’ bcos this your story sweet pass sugarcane.

  • C.O

     After the ‘Aftermath’,hope their will be season 2. ‘Life after nysc’ bcos this your story sweet pass sugarcane.

  • oluchi c.

    val, u too much. i appreciate ur works. pls don’t keep us wait for aftermat.

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