Selena and i stared at each other silently as the cold evening breeze blew on us. The weather was so cold as if a heavy rain was falling close-bye.
I finally drove to owerri under the cover of darkness to meet up with her. A long distant journey I undertook for no credible reason. But Staying restlessly in my room after Jenny’s annoying preachings, i had to return Selena’s phone-call and inform her i was coming. Of course she was very delighted and pleased when i told her so.

Two plates of pepper soup, two bottles of small stout and a bottle of alcoholic wine stood between us as we stared at each other silently.

“so how was the conference?” i asked when i found my voice,

“it will be holding tomorrow at concord hotel” she answered.

“hmmm i even thought it held today” i murmured, “so what actually do you do?” i asked,

“i’m a journalist working with a private media outfit” she replied,

“i never knew you have such a nice job, i really thought you are just a spoiled rich man’s daughter” i replied a bit seriously but jokingly. She laughed and shook her head,

“c’mon does being a rich man’s daughter stop someone from having an occupation huh?” she asked. I just shrugged and laughed with her.

We had a good time gisting and joking about different things. She really was a very jovial, lively, carefree spoilt damsel from a rich home who truly havn’t figured out what to do with her life.

We stayed out till 11PM when i was forced to carry her back to her room after she was dead drunk with alcoholic drinks she ordered, as she smoked her lungs out with cigarettes.

I know you guys won’t believe me, but I truly had the best intentions when i accepted her invitation that fateful evening and i never planned on spending the whole night with her, which made me earlier inform my cousin that ‘i was coming over to his house to spend the night’.

As i calmly laid her on the bed, she begged me to sleep with her. But as silly as her words sounded, her pleas were nothing but the words of a drunk lady. It held no value.

I however accepted to spend the rest of the night with her without knowing what laid ahead.

To be continued.
Betrayal comes up Next.

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