I was unable to get selena’s mum by that hour. Her phone was switched off, leaving me with no choice than to restlessly wait for dawn which was just few hours away.


Selena woke up with a calm smile. The brightness in her eyes were enough to tell me she was getting better. I praised God quietly, promising never to fall into such trap again.

She quietly tapped my fingers and breathed heavily.

“thanks alot for everything i surely won’t forget” she said with a weak voice,

“i’m equally glad you are alright though we still have a lot to talk” I replied calmly,

“yea i know” she murmured. “so when are we getting out of here?” she asked.

“i don’t really know, the doctor said you are going to stay few days for close observation” i informed her. She scoffed weakly and bit her lips

“seems like the dumb doctor wants me to die here, i hate hospitals and i can’t survive a day in here” she complained while I nodded in agreement because i truly can’t imagine myself leaving all my responsibilities just to be there with her.

“i will have a chat with the doctor, i’m leaving today whether he likes it or not” she added and painfully sat up.

“are you really sure about that?” i asked with a calm smile,

“try me” she replied weakly.
The doctor finally showed up hours later, insisting she stay for at least a day, which led them into having a very long argument. At the end the doctor got annoyed and obliged her.

I dutifully paid the bills and we headed back to her hotel room, where she quickly freshened up, dressed and painted herself before ordering for a light meal.

“i’m really very embarrassed with what happened earlier today” She confessed after the meal. I smiled reassuringly as i stared at her

“don’t worry about it dear, though i’m dying to ask you many question” i said softly. She instantly blinked, swallowed hard and stared into my eyes.

“please let’s skip that part for now, you will know everything in due time” she begged..
“i know you cancelled all your engagements just to be with me both here and at the hospital, how do i repay you?” she asked quietly moments later. I instantly remembered the classes i skipped.

“you are a very nice guy” she softly added, reached for her hand bag, brought out her cheque book, wrote something in it, tore out a slip and gave to me

“that’s for the money you spent, please don’t decline i have more than enough” she offered. I smiled sweetly and shrugged,

“alright if you insist” i murmured and collected the cheque. Surprisingly she grabbed my face without shame and instantly gave me a lone passionate kiss.

“that’s for being a good friend, i’ll tell my family about all you did for me” she added gratefully.


She hugged and pecked me with eyes filled with unshed tears before boarding an Arik airplane which just frew in from abuja.

“i will never forget today” were her last words to me that fateful day. My history with Selena started that very day.

To be continued.

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