A heavy rain fell later that night, keeping away mosquitoes and making me sleep very soundly.

8:15AM, I lazily got up from my bed and prepared for work with a double mind. I felt very uneasy as i prepared, but i paid no serious attention to it, because I couldn’t afford skipping my classes again not after failing to show up for two days.

It was still drizzling as i drove to the school premises that fateful morning. Unfortunately the normal road i preferred taking was totally spoilt and muddy, forcing me to take another path which was a bit manageable but longer.

I drove on quietly till i got to a very narrow culvert, manned by youths who were repairing the road. They probably were twenty or more in number. My heart skipped when i saw them.

I really wasn’t friendly with any of them, because they all avoided and treated me with scorn, forcing me to return their gesture with a careless indifference.

Of course they saw most male corpers as potential threats to their relationships which really wasn’t a lie, but as for myself i earned a very special hatred in their hearts because of the way i carried myself.
Even though i just arrived the community, i wasn’t foolish not to notice that they were all targeting and waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on me.

Instead of reversing my car and heading back to my lodge, since i knew they hated my guts. i still drove on till i got to where they blocked the road.

I honked for them to allow me pass through, but they all ignored me, forcing me to alight from my car.
I shook hands with them as courtesy demanded before begging to let me pass through.

“are you crazy? Don’t you see the road is blocked?” a dark heavily built guy instantly shouted at me. I scoffed and looked at him with a weak smile,

“haba nau, just remove the wood let me pass abeg the road isn’t bad” i pleaded. He smiled evily and eyed me, while another guy poured a bucket of mud water on my car, just to provoke me.

I was visibly provoked, but couldn’t do anything because they were much in number.

“okay you guys win, no wahala” i murmured and turned to leave. My action totally disappointing them,

“as long as you are living in this community, you have to join the youths in everything we do, weren’t you aware of today’s road work?” the heavily built guy asked, while his friends nodded in support.

I was very stunned, and nervous, while my heart pounded furiously.

“Ebuka give him your shovel jor, this boy has to work, whether he likes it or not” he ordered a short guy who came forward with a shovel. I bit my lips, gave them an askance look, sighed and turned to leave, but the short guy quickly tried to stop me, forcing me to ‘side-step’. He slipped and almost fell.

His mates instantly screamed and pounced on me furiously like angry dogs. I was totally beaten and fed with mud water until some elders rescued me….

“that’s for all our girls you have f.ucked, it’s just the beginning” they panted as the Elders broke me away from them.

To be continued.

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