“i even planned to sue you for abandonment” she murmured while i laughed,

“you can’t be serious or are you?” i asked, “oops where is my flower?” i murmured searchingly as soon as we got into her sitting room.

“i think you left it outside” she replied with a smile. I rushed outside, grabbed the flower, entered the sitting room and presented it to her.

“this is only what i can afford. I really do appreciate your care and interest in me” i said sweetly. She blushed and looked away, refusing to collect it.

“i know it’s beneath your taste but please just manage it. I offer it with a sincere heart” i prayed quietly. She hesitated before turning to face me. My heart leapt when i saw her face coloured up with eyes filled with tears. I never have seen a big lady in tears prior to that moment.

I was flabbergasted, lost and stunned. My heart pounded furiously as i wondered what could have caused her such great display of emotion.

“i’m sorry Val, but its been a long time ago when someone last offered me such a beautiful gift with so much sincerity and care in his eyes” she explained and swallowed hard,

“and when was that?” i asked quietly,

“during my 2nd year in the university, he was the guy i dumped in order to marry my children’s father. You can’t Imagine how betrayed he felt and the anguish in his eyes when i broke the news of my upcoming marriage to him. He is now happily married shaaa” she explained with a broken voice. I stared at her speechlessly, clueless on the most suitable words to use in calming her.

“it’s not as if guys don’t offer me gifts presently, but you can’t help noticing the greed, lust and ambition in their eyes when doing so” she added,

“my dear forget about the past, we all do have bad memories, you should know better nau” i murmured uneasily. She breathed deeply collected the flower and smiled gratefully.

“i will call it saint Valentine” she joked and rolled her eyes,

“i thought girls only name teddy bears, how come you are now naming a flower?” i asked with a surprised look,

“it’s none of your business sir” she replied and cleaned her eyes.

Her behaviour showed how obvious it was, that she was still missing most of the fun and love she missed as a youth because of a rushed marriage. Her behaviour and mode of reasoning all showed how sensitive she was and how badly she needed love, youthful adventures and comittment.

She clearly found it hard to accept her fate nor accept the fact that most of the adventures she missed can never return the way she wanted. Moreover even though she looked very young and attractive, she had kids which inevitably will put off many young guys apart from the ambitious ones.

It’s very true she saw no ambition, deciet nor pretence in my eyes but what she failed to realise was that i was only being genuinely grateful to her for the love and care she showed me and nothing more.

However i clearly understood her plight because it was no fault of hers that she sacrified her happiness for the betterment of her family, and it truly was only because of that reason, that i was somehow willing to return her love in the smallest possible way without harming my relationship with Adaora which i hid from her.

Involving myself with Tessy was just an intentional charitable work of mercy which i cleverly accepted to do as a young christian with good upbringing, because i didn’t want her to die of depression.

Did i do wrong?? Hehehe

To be continued…

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