“do you see that gorgeous girl coming towards us?” i asked Jenny, holding her left hand softly,

“yea and so?” she replied as she stared at her,

“i havn’t seen her before, do you know her?” i asked. She smiled, freed her hand from my grasp and stared at me with suspicion.

“she’s your little girlfriend’s elder sister. The girl that sent you a love text the other day, don’t you see the resemblance?” she explained and asked. I instantly gasped and shrugged, saying no other word to her.

The dark girl soon got to us, smiled and greeted.

“good evening, please is my little sister in your room? We have been looking for her since morning, her phone number also isn’t going through and i heard she visits you often” she asked me quietly.

“nope i havn’t seen her today, the last time i saw her was yesterday afternoon?” i replied quietly. She breathed deeply and nodded.

“okay, thanks alot” she murmured and made to leave,

“perhaps she’s charging her phone somewhere” i suggested, making her stop momentarily.

“yea you may be right, let me look for her in the market” she said sweetly before walking towards the village market.

“choi this girl is very sharp oooo, what do you think” i asked Jenny as we watched the dark girl leave. She simply scoffed and rolled her eyes,

“oh please, not again” she murmured, while I smiled, stood up and made to go after her, but Jenny quickly restrained me, grabbing my right hand strongly.

“where are you going?” she asked curiously,

“i’m going after her of course” i replied without thinking. She forced out a smile, withdrew her grasp and nodded.

“alright suit yourself” she muttered coldly. I instantly stared at her with concern.

“c’mon what’s up with you, are you alright?” i asked seriously. The change in her behaviour totally surprising me.

“yea i’m okay, it’s just a little headache which just appeared, i need to go inside and rest” she muttered and left for her room, without waiting for my reply.

I shrugged, turned and ran after the other girl, catching up with her within seconds.

“hey let’s search for your sister together, i have nothing doing, moreover i’m very much concerned because she’s my friend” i offered, while She smiled in appreciation.

“hope you didn’t upset your corper friend by coming after me?” she asked,

“oh not at all” i replied calmly,

“really! Don’t be too sure about that” she added, making me stare at her with curiousity, but before i could say anything, she asked,

“ain’t you supposed to be scared of following me round the village after what happened to you yesterday?”.

“no dear, on the contrary it actually boasted my morale” i replied. She smiled silently and moved on.

“My oh my, she really isn’t an ordinary village girl. Her beauty is perfect for my revenge” i reasoned as we walked into the market together.

To be continued.

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