We went round the market together, moving from one shop to another but couldn’t find her sister.

“who knows where she might be?” she murmured with frustration,

“you shouldn’t get yourself worked up, your sister is a big girl and will return whenever she deems fit” i consoled with a smile. She shrugged and breathed deeply.

“i guess I have to return to the house, before my mum starts looking for me as well” she joked. I laughed and exchanged phone numbers with her.

“my name is Akunna” she said, when i asked of her name.


“I really don’t know what plans you have for that girl, but whatever it is, please i beg you to forget it, because i know nothing good will come out of it” Jenny calmly said to me as she relaxed in my room. I looked up from my computer and stared at her with a smile. She was lying on my bed with her back turned towards me. The small singlet and bum short she wore really revealed a good proportion of her body.

“are you now her lawyer?” i asked,

“you can say whatever you like” she replied with a sigh. “seriously you really got me very annoyed when you went after her this evening, you totally disrespected me, i felt like slapping you that moment” she confessed.

I quietly shut down my computer, dropped it on the table and laid beside her, smelling her hair in the process.

“c’mon on how did i disrespect you huh?” i asked and breathed down her neck. She instantly sat up and stared at me with a weird expression.

“you know what? Forget it” she muttered. I quietly sat up and held her hand,

“i’m very sorry for offending you with my behavour, i never meant to disrespect you. I won’t go after her ever again in your presence, moreover i just needed her for a particular objective and nothing else” i apologized and explained,

“just save yourself the explanation pleassssseee” she replied a bit coldly, making me forcefully draw her closer to my body.

“what’s the meaning of that?” she asked angrily.

“you easily get annoyed with me why? Sometimes i feel you equally detest me like your roomate” i asked calmly. she looked down and shook her head,

“no i don’t detest you, but everyone knows you are rotten inside” she confessed,

“you read me so well as if you have known me for long. I truly don’t know why i behave the way i do towards you” i equally confessed.

“please let’s stop this discussion, i’m no longer feeling comfortable” she begged and tried to break away from me. But I expertly raised her face and planted a kiss on her lips. She instantly blushed

“i have been dreaming to do this for a long while, i have never kissed a yoruba girl” i confessed with bright eyes and spirit.

Her calm beauty instantly coloured, her expression changed instantly. She stared at me murderously, before violently breaking away from me,

“so you kissed me because you want to know how a yoruba girl tastes like?? God punish you” she cursed with fire in her eyes, before leaving my room angrily.

I unhappily watched her leave, clueless on what next to do. She really was a girl very difficult to read.

Even though the kiss was a bit passionate, To me it was only a genuine friendly kiss which i rendered without any strings attached, but to her, i really was cluless on what it meant to her.

“Perhaps i won’t be getting any more free meals from her again” “silly me” i lamented.

My phone rang that moment, breaking me away from my thoughts. The caller was no other person than Tessy.

I instantly remembered ‘weekend’ was just a day away.

To be continued
ep 32 comes up shortly.

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