“oga how nau? Hope you know tomorrow is friday?” Tessy asked with her usual lively voice,

“yea dear” i replied with a deep breathe,

“i’m on my knees, please don’t disappoint me, hope you still remember my little son’s birthday is on saturday?” she asked,

“really! I think i’m hearing it for the first time” i replied happily,

“are you sure about that? Anyway let’s not argue about it. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow evening, do take care my love. Good night” she said sweetly before hanging up. I breathed deeply, yawned and closed my eyes. My phone soon rang again, this time it was mum calling.

“good evening mummy” i greeted,

“nnam i’m so glad to hear your voice, how are you doing?” she asked,

“i’m very fine mum, how are my sisters?” i asked,

“they are fine, but i called by this hour, because of the terrible dream i had last night about you. ‘A young girl driving a small car ran into you as we were about crossing a road’, I know it may sound weird to you, but i really don’t want to rule out any possibility, please do be careful, i could have called you since morning but i was having second thoughts about it. I can’t risk any harm coming to you. Promise me from now onwards you will be saying your prayers often and on” she begged, while i listened calmly.

“mummmmy! e don do, i have heard. I promise to behave, pray often and read my bible. I already downloaded a bible to my phone, so please relax and sleep, nothing will happen to me” i assured her.

“alright dear, i have heard you. It’s just that i hardly have bad dreams, so please” she tried to start another sermon, but i instantly stopped her,

“i’ll be going over to chief peter’s office tomorrow morning, you know he stood me up on monday” i added, expertly changing the topic.

“that’s good of you, don’t forget to brief me after seeing him” she said, bade me goodnight, and hung up.

I laid awake for hours, as i thought over her dream and the words she said to me, ” Adaora was the first to warn me, now mum, who knows whose turn it is tomorrow?” I wondered, “perhaps one of my sisters”. I reasoned with a smile.

Surely i knew i was walking through a dangerous path, but as stupid and adventurous as i was, i paid no heed to mum nor Adaora’s pleas, instead i planned ahead and stepped up my game.

By noon the next day i was at Uncle peter’s office, nervously waiting for him to finish the discussion he was having with some friends. I had an Abuja bound flight to catch.

What would i have told my creator supposing one of those flights i took without my family’s knowledge crashed???.

To be continued.
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