“yea we have a lot to discuss my son, but it really isn’t what we will do here in my office, just give me a phone call during the weekend, i will arrange for a more condusive place” Uncle Peter said when i eventually met him. I happily accepted his suggestion without asking further questions. Shook hands with him and left, heading straight to Imo Airport.

I got to Abuja later that evening and was extremely surprised to see Elinor waiting for me at the airport. We hugged each other nervously.

“Tessy’s merchandise arrived the city minutes ago, she’s very busy with it and begged me to help pick you up” she explained with a smile.

“she shouldn’t have bothered sending you nau. I can easily find my way around town” i murmured, while she laughed and scanned me with her eyes,

“hmmmmm save your words jare, i know you will do anything to avoid me, but my dear you are very mistaken. As long as you are with Tessy you must learn how to tolerate me” she confidently said to me. I calmly smiled and polietly followed her.

“so what exactly will be your fee, supposing i decide to settle you in one installment?” i heard myself suddenly ask as we headed into town. I asked the question because i really couldn’t endure the cold war going on between us any longer and so had to look for a way out.

She instantly gave me a searching look, scoffed, shook her head and drove on silently.

I truly wasn’t comfortable sitting beside her that fateful evening, nor even expected to see her that very day. The silence between us as she drove into the capital city really was very intense. I never imagined a day would come when she and i will relate as mere business associates or better still as competitors..

“so where will you get the money to settle me huh?” she asked with a cold smile minutes later.

“you do claim to know me, but i don’t think you know anything about me nor what i can do” i replied calmly. She breathed deeply, slowed down the car and stared at me.

“i know you think i’m a bad person, a lady unfit to be Tessy’s friend, but my dear whatever you think about me, just know that i did you a very huge favour. I gave your manhood worth and made your body expensive. Do ask around, you will find out how much guys pay, sign up or even willing to do before getting hooked up with a rich lady. Big girls are not harlots you can pick up at any junction” she muttered seriously, “I hooked you up with the best, a young, classy, beautiful single mother who loves her body and doesn’t flirt around. Yet you treat me with disdain dam.n you” she poured out unhappily. I swallowed hard and breathed deeply.

“you clearly misunderstood me Elinor. I can never be against giving you something valuable in appreciation, but what i really don’t approve is the idea of stealing or duping your friend. I do find it very disgusting” i murmured. She smiled and shrugged.

“so do tell me, how do you intend to settle me if not by stealing from her?” she asked suspiciously.

“i have my own ways dear, so how much is your fee?” i asked. She rolled her eyes and thought for a while,

“fee ke? Anyway considering many factors i think 250k will do.” she replied calmly while i instantly gasped.

“two hundred and fifty thousand naira!” i exclaimed. She nodded and drove on quietly.

To be continued.
Betrayal comes up shortly…

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