I knew Tessy wouldn’t sleep without first pouring out her mind to Elinor and the text i got that morning clearly confirmed my suspicions, leaving me very pleased with myself, because I thought i had finally gotten rid of Elinor for good. But i was very much mistaken, because the obnoxious lady showed up at exactly 8:15am that fateful morning as if nothing had happened.

I was in the sitting room when she walked in leisurely with a perfect smile. Was she scared, lost or confused? It never showed on her. She only gave me a silent nod before calmly walking straight to Tessy’s room. I was totally disoriented.

I soon got a text from Tessy minutes later, inviting me to her room, which i walked into with a furiously pounding heart. Four lovely eyes instantly fell on me as soon as i walked in. Elinor was sitting on a couch, while Tessy sat on her bed. They all appeared calm and i prayed for them not to notice how nervous i was.

“Elinor came as fast as she could because of what you told me yesterday evening” Tessy explained as i bravely sat beside Elinor, “so dear, Val is right here just like you requested, so now say whatever you came to say” she said to Elinor who winked at me before facing Tessy with a calm smile.

“supposing our friendship didn’t come a long way, it would have ended yesterday evening when you poured out that silly trash to me over the phone”, Elinor muttered without mincing words,
“seriously you believed i can come up with a plan to dupe you, now tell me for what reason?” she asked and breathed deeply,
“have you forgotten so soon how you told me you like Val a great deal but that you are very scared of Igbo boys huh?” “what did i tell you dear? Didn’t I promise to look into it after assuring you he was a good guy”, “and what better way is there to test a young guy if not with such nonsense idea?? Infact am very angry with you right now and i demand an apology. Though i don’t blame Val because he just did what i was expecting him to do which showed his honesty” she added.

“Oga Val i do apologize for the text i sent you this morning, it was sent out of anger” she apologized to me with a fake smile, “but for you my dear friend how can you be so gullible eeh” she asked coldly, while Tessy remorsefully looked down with shame. I really couldn’t believe my ears nor the scene that was playing out.

Elinor really was an expert liar. So effortlessly and so convincingly she lied.

“i’m very sorry dearie, please do forgive my silly thoughts” Tessy quietly apologized, stood up, dragged Elinor to her feet, hugging her. I couldn’t help noticing Elinor’s cold gaze as they hugged.

“it’s okay my love, what are friends for?, you have been forgiven, let me rush home and tidy up, you know i also have Junior’s birthday to prepare” she sweetly murmured and left seconds later.

“i do trust her Val” Tessy confessed as soon as she was gone, while i shrugged and smiled.

But an hour later, i scoffed when a text from an unknown number appeared in my phone,


I knew it was from Elinor but i had no proof. I have dared a spirit..

What next????

To be continued..

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